Monday, February 11, 2013

A Question for Gun Owners

A question for people who own guns to "protect my home" or to "protect my family" - if someone breaks into your house, is your plan to engage in a gun battle with them?  Really?  That's your plan?

You can let them take your stuff, leave, then call the police and your insurance company.  Or you can pull out your shootin' 'arn if you can get to it, then start shooting on the theory that they won't shoot back nor shoot first.   But if your excuse for buying the gun is that criminals are armed should happen to be true, then you will be mistaken and they will shoot back.  Even if you shoot first, you would have to find and shoot all of them to death before they can shoot you or anyone in your family.  

Go back to your original theory that you were worried about the safety of your family.  Are you really going to turn a routine burglary into a bloodbath on the theory that that will make your family safer?

So let's go back to the reason you bought the gun.  It wasn't really to protect your family was it?