Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chicago Politics

and Cats
My father used to say that in Chicago a dishonest politician was one who wouldn't stay bought. Cats are like that. You can bribe them and pamper them and they still don't give a damn about you.

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  1. the Scorpion12:42 PM

    Hey Jack...

    I am assuming that these last two post are from the motel in Winathcee???, typed while in a prone position. You would have to be on your back, unable to get up to watch 3 hours of Al Pacino. He hasn't "acted" since Godfather part ll. In both l and ll he played Michael Corleone and was fantastic. In part lll and every movie since then he has played Al Pacino and sucked. Somewhere around Scent of a Woman he fell in love with himself and thought everyone wanted to see only him. Whooah!