Saturday, March 17, 2007

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Maybe it isn't. The one customer review of this thing says that it is just a reprint of a not very good book published in 1930. The original covered only French gargoyles and was not well laid out, poorly researched, and badly written. I have sent for it and a few others with the word 'gargoyles' in the title. I may yet become an itinerant
photographe living in a gypsy van. I will know in a few days. It might even provide a place to start and plagiarize from using better modern technology. It might be that the main significance of this thing is that somebody at Dover Press recently thought that a book of photographs of gargoyles was worth publishing.

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  1. God in the Details4:56 PM

    An interesting thing about european churches is that most of them let you go up on the roof. What to Americans is heavy duty liability and law suits up the wazoo, is just taking a stairweway up to the roof and walking around. If you fall off it is your own fault.

    The cathedral in Milan is spectacular from the roof. Gargoyles, flying butresses, ornate designs that you can only see from there.

    Maybe a book on the tops of cathedrals. That probably has not been done.