Saturday, May 05, 2007

Little Ones and the Big One

Life is a big defeat. We look both ways before crossing the street, we get vaccinations, we stay out of dark alleys, we dodge the draft, we drive defensively. But in the end we die anyway.

That is why small victories are so important. A few weeks ago my kitchen drain stopped draining. But the clog was porous enough that the water would go down eventually. A few days ago the water stopped going down at all. Standing water, dirty dishes. A fetid slum. Guaranteed Miraculous liquid drain cleaner had no effect whatever. Finally I was home and I had a snake in hand.

Fifteen years ago I spent several weekends straining and swearing, to unscrew a rusted-tight galvanized steel drain plug. Each weekend I upped the torque ante and the risk of breaking the pipe. After it ever so reluctantly came out, I replaced the galvanized rust blob with a black plastic screw-in plug. Today I reaped the benefit of my long ago prudence. Out the plug came with no screaming or gnashing of teeth whatever. To quote the sage, "Calloo callay!"

I snaked out a disgusting blob and ran the water and behold! Nothing. It still backed up. Open the plug a second time and run the snake the opposite direction. More disgusting blobs. Free running drain.

It ain't V-E Day but it made my day. Washed the dishes, washed the sinks. I am a simple man and simple things make me happy.

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  1. LaPen2:39 PM

    Flushed with success are we?