Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Cops Shot Sean Bell

Sean Bell got married. Sean Bell got shot 51 times. The same day and by New York's Finest. He was unarmed. I hardly need mention that he was black. Yesterday the 3 cops who levelled the bridegroom were acquitted, as is the custom.

Yet black New York did not erupt. The Left were not outraged. There were no riots, not even angry demonstrations. Nobody picketed the Queens Borough Courthouse.

It seems that 2 of the 3 policemen involved had the foresight to be black both at the time of the shooting and of the acquittals. The contrast to the reaction to the Rodney King beating and acquittals, and to the Diallo shooting and acquittals, could not be more complete.

If one will forgive the expression, the black humor here is that those who most insist that people be treated the same regardless of color, are themselves precisely those least inclined to do so.

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