Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bush and I Arrive at Fairbanks

I am at a campground in Fairbanks. The Alaska Highway ended at Delta Junction. The road north from there is the Richardson. The Richardson Highway where it fronts Eielson Air Force Base, just south of here, was temporarily blocked for the arrival, and later for the departure, of Air Force One. (Grim-faced armed security guys on ATV's were combing the bushes. Not a good time or place for pranks or humor.) Bush is on his way to Beijing for the opening of the Olympic Games and to beg for money.....

It has rained on and off, mainly on, since Tok four days ago, and all day yesterday. All part of the trip.

We are taking a rest day here, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, picking up packages from General Delivery, mailing food to ourselves at Coldfoot, and I am going to a dentist shortly to get a crown that has fallen out twice re-cemented. (Baruch Hashem it fell out before Fairbanks and not after.) Re-supply and repairs.


  1. sunnyone7:41 AM

    Did you bring your scuba diving gear or at least your snorkel?
    Mazel tov for making to Fairbanks.

  2. sunnyone7:43 AM

    Btw, while up there have some of their delicious Halibut balls and blueberry cobbler at Pioneerland.

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Coldfoot? Is there a Coldnose in Alaska?


  4. No Coldnose, but any number of Cold Tushes.