Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Album


  1. Christy6:33 AM

    This is about as funny as someone posting a cartoon of a 'greedy jew', or something to that effect.

  2. So your position is that there are shaheeds in every population just as there are greedy people in every population?

  3. Christy5:08 AM

    Yeah Jack. Yeah.

  4. And I am sure you have lots of examples of non-Muslims who encourage their children to kill themselves?

  5. Christy3:42 AM

    Oooh... Your so clever.

    Its a racist joke, in very bad taste. About as funny as the caricature of a 'greedy Jew'.

  6. You seem to be repeating yourself but not providing any example....

  7. Christy2:18 PM

    Ok Jack, its not a racist joke? Its not a sterotypical and racist depiction of Palestinians/Muslims? And you have the cheek to accuse the Irish of being bigoted?

  8. We don't approve of people encouraging their children to kill themselves. We can't stop them from doing it. We can however mock them.

    Your theory is what -- that encouraging children to commit suicide is OK? In Ireland and the US, a parent who encouraged a child to commit suicide would quickly have the child removed from the home by Child Protective Services, and possibly face a long prison sentence as well.

    What would their defense be in court? We're Muslims so it's OK? That it is racist to revile infanticides if, and only if, they are Muslim?

    That seems to work for you. It doesn't for me. I suspect it doesn't for most people.

  9. Christy2:01 AM

    You really can twist and distort absolutely anything. Vile.