Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Arab Suicide

[Captain Charles C. Boycott, 1880]

The Israeli elections are today.   Early reports make it sound like it will be a three way tie for first among Likud, Kadima, and Labor.   

Avigdor Leiberman's party, which demands that Israeli Arabs sign loyalty oaths to the state of Israel, is doing well.  Some Israeli Arabs have announced they will boycott the elections in protest of Leiberman's popularity.    I think that is a great idea.  They should ALL boycott the elections.

Actually it is mutual idiocy.   If it is implemented, the Arabs will sign but will be more pissed off and disloyal than ever.  Presumably the object of the exercise, if it has one, is to oblige those few Israeli Arabs too stupid and intransigent to sign, to leave the country.  

The reports I have been reading are that the campaigning has been desultory and without much in the way of issues.  Which, in a country that just emerged from a war, is illuminating.  I have read that there was no important dissent in Israel on the Gaza bombardment and invasion.   There was 92 percent agreement on the policy, which is astonishing if true.  Especially in view of he profound unpopularity of the Olmert government which carried it out.

Apparently all the important decisions are being made by the Hamas leadership, not by Israel.  Israel is united in reacting to them.  The fact that Hamas continues to make disastrously destructive and self-destructive decisions, has united Israel all the more

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