Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Try This At Home - Nor Anywhere Else

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  1. Jasmin1:49 PM

    Stupid is an appropriate label indeed. Has your imagination run that dry that you have resorted to posting up RedBull advertisements. I know even for you Islamaphobia and racism must get tiresome after a while Jack, but come on in?

  2. Did you notice they were all men? Proves that all men are crazy assholes.

  3. "Stupid" Jasmine? Wouldn't stupid be watching the commercial at the beginning and not realizing that the program material would be after it? That would be really stupid....

    Not noticing that the duration bar shows that the video is 8 minutes long? That would be stupid.

    And becoming abusive because you are too stupid and too arrogant to wonder if you misunderstood, that would be stupid. Or would it be Islamic?

    And being a jerkoff little troll with nothing to do because you lost your job for being drunk at work, would be stupid and Islamic too, wouldn't it?