Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazingly Convenient Coincidence

[The Oswald-Ruby Band rocking in Dallas, 1963]

The guy who published the Wikileaks documents, Julian Assange, has been arrested in England. A British court has just ruled in favor of his being extradited to Sweden to face rape charges. The Wikileaks papers deeply embarrassed the government and military establishment of the United States. They proved what everyone knew but could not prove. Among them was the totally unsurprising revelation that the Karzai government of Afghanistan is totally corrupt and that the war is being conducted in part by bribing tribal leaders. And that the US government knows all about it. And a bunch of other things as well.

Wikipedia lists a lengthy series of applications of power to stifle Wikileaks -- including the VISA-Mastercard cartel cancelling their credit cards and several countries from Germany to Thailand blocking access to the Wikileaks website.

What an amazing coincidence that shortly after embarrassing the US government Assange should be charged with a serious crime. The Los Angeles Times reported that one of the two rape charges consisted of his having sex with a woman without a condom after she had asked him to use one. Nothing about force or threat, just failure to wear the condom. That is bad manners, not rape.

The second rape charge is from another woman who claims that Assange started having sex with her while she was asleep and could not consent. I do not know the details but that sounds like the woman was in bed with Assange without her clothes. Again, there is no claim of force or threat. If a woman takes off her clothes and gets in bad with a man, that may not be consent per se, but it is pretty close. The woman woke up to find Assange having sex with her but apparently did not then object or push him off. Which sounds like she woke up and then acquiesced. That is bad taste, not rape.

To call these charges trumped-up gives them more credit than they deserve. What appears to be going on here is the government, having been caught in a whole series of crimes and scandals, has set out to make the story be about Assange rather than about itself.

One can hope that the story will unravel as Watergate did. The jury will laugh the stupid charges out of court, the women will be interrogated and name who put them up to it. That person will face criminal charges of conspiracy and civil liability and will 'fess up to who put him up to it. And the trail will go right back to the pigs in charge. One can wonder if there will be a series of mysterious deaths as in the Kennedy-Oswald-Ruby-Kilgallen murders of 1963.


  1. Linking the death of Dorothy Kilgallen to the Kennedy assassination is in the same league as linking Castro, Hoffa, the CIA, the FBI, the phone company, and all the other kook conspiracies. Sometimes the simple answer is the correct answer.

  2. Of course, the simple answer is the one from the Warren Commission. According to which a single bullet killed Governor Connally, then bounced 7 times, during which it changed direction three times, then killed Kennedy, then turned up missing from the Warren Commission evidence. What could be simpler than that?

    Similarly what could be simpler than that a President of the United States was assassinated for no discernible political purpose, by a lone gunman who could not be interrogated because he was immediately killed by another gunman who immediately died, and who was interrogated by only one interviewer who also immediately died. Nothing suspicious about any of that.