Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dead Pool 2012 - Jack's List

2012 Croakers

1. Michael J. Fox
2. George McGovern
3. Jimmy Carter
4. Queen Elizabeth II
5. Charlie Sheen
6. George Herbert Walker Bush
7. Muhammad Ali
8. John Glenn
9. Demi Moore
10. Liza Minelli


  1. A nice list of geezers, sickies, and bad livers. By posting late, you had info on Demi that was not available earlier, however I do not think it will do you any good. Demi will be here for years to come.

  2. I included Demi Moore because of a tabloid I saw in the Safeway on Saturday about how she was down to 97 pounds and going into rehab. Since I missed the boat on Amy Winehouse, I figured it was a chance to recoup. I just now found out that she was in the hospital for smoking spice. (What is the point of synthetic marijuana when natural marijuana is so much better than it was in '60's?)

  3. You are so delusional about amy Winehouse. You did not have her, I did. As I recall, you did not know who she was when I listed her.

  4. You say 'delusional' like it was a baaad thing... :o)

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Haha Jack that is funny! I think this is more of a wish list. Can we add Jennifer Lopez on that list?

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  7. Elaine, sure we can put Jennifer Lopez on the list. Now give me nine more. If you can't think of them all right now, give me what you have and we can add the rest later.