Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Talk to the Hand

I have always despised capitalism.  I have a low opinion of socialism as well.  The only thing I am still in favor of is vandalism.  And I don't approve of that either.

I am not going to vote.  Did you see the President's new budget proposal?  Modest increases in some departments, notably State and Commerce (i.e. Hilary's constituency and the business class) small cuts in most departments, and one and only one big cut - in the budget of the Department of Labor.  The Obama administration has apparently decided that the main budget problem the government faces is that it is spending too darn much money on protecting workers' rights.

Wait, wait.  Maybe I am wrong.  The administration announced as part of the budget package the Buffet Tax.  It would ensure that those with incomes over a million a year would pay a minimum 30% tax rate.  Tax the rich.  Can't get more progressive than that, right?

But the same proposal would also repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, the AMT, which has been in place for decades.  The switch from AMT to the Buffet Tax would cost the government $100 billion in lost tax revenue, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Which is to say that the Obama Administration has just proposed reducing taxes on the rich by a $100 billion.  Which would have to be made up by everyone else.  Pretty damned progressive, huh?

Not only is Obama no socialist, he is not a liberal either.  He is no friend of those unfortunate enough not to make a million a year, and especially no friend of those unfortunate enough to have to work for an employer.  

Do they think we're idiots?  I am NOT voting for the bastard.  I am going to be in Australia in November for the eclipse and indisposed.


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  1. Christy5:08 PM

    Sorry, all I could see there was 'I'm not voting for Obama because he is black'. You're going to have to try harder to conceal your instinctive racism Kessler.