Monday, November 19, 2012

Right Here in San Francisco

[double-click on video for fullscreen]


  1. Jasmin12:05 PM

    He was deliberately antagonsing and being deeply offensive. I think he was right to hit him, just silly since there was a camera there.

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Yes, this clearly proves that anyone with Palestinian sympathies is exactly like that aggressive anti semite. A point well proven there Jack. Was almost as convincing as that Hamlet prequel in faux Elizabethan prose you never wrote.

  3. C'mon Jasmin, admit it. the bitch in the video is you, isn't it? And the person you hit is a fifty-something widow. The widow is pressing charges and this video will be shown to the jury at your trial - unless you play the coward and cop a plea (make a plea bargain), coward that you are when confronted by someone stronger than a grey-haired widow.

    How was she being offensive, Jasmin? By thinking you are your jihadi friends don't have a right to bombard civilians and saying so? Or by being a Jew in the presence of you and your fellow racist pigs? Which is it, Jasmin?

  4. Christy, I almost appreciate your disbelief that I could write anything as good as 'Prequel to Hamlet'. Such disbelief from anyone else would be high praise. Unfortunately it comes from a man who thinks people read 'Ulysses', the great masterpiece of his country's literature, merely to show off. Referring to another Irish masterpiece, Christy is a yahoo, and his opinions are to be valued accordingly.

    There are no pro-Palestinians. No one who had the least interest in the welfare of the Palestinians would counsel them to deliberately shoot rockets at the civilian population of a neighbor armed with more and better rockets and an army and an air force. Indeed, anyone who was actually interested in the welfare and future well-being of the Palestinians would advise them to make peace with their neighbors.

    It is like saying launching rocket attacks from Mexico on the United States would somehow be in the interest of Mexicans. The reprisal from Texas alone would be horrific. The Mexicans, like the population of Gaza, would suffer grievously. No one who cares a fig for Mexicans would suggest such a thing. Unfortunately no one at all gives a rat's patoot for the Palestinians - they are all anti-Israel bigots using the Palestinians as a fig leaf for their racism. Like you Christy, like Jasmin, like Hamas, like the UN.

  5. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Who am I supposed to be? I'm anonymous.

    I would never think such a thing about anyone who has read Joyce. Links or STFU.

    In any case, my post was in agreement with yours, I don't believe I said anything to the contrary. Its high time the international community saw the Muslim exactly for what he is - a liar and a murderer. Something must be done before the international muslim consumes us all.

  6. Anonymous I was confusing you with a leftist Irishman who used to comment here. He believed that advocating killing Jews was somehow not anti-semitic so long as Arabs did the actual killing. Not quite a genius but persistent.