Saturday, March 09, 2013

More Zionist Oppression

In yet another blow to the so-called Peace Process we read of the following outrage.   
The government demolished 75 houses in the Palestinian al-Rimal neighborhood; government officials say the houses were illegally built on public lands. Families occupying the homes demonstrated in front of the Legislative Council.
Where were Arab governments while this was happening?  Why didn't the UN pass yet another condemnatory resolution?  Where was the British Left while this was going on?  Why didn't the EU say something?  Why didn't the Norwegian or Belgian governments withdraw their ambassadors?   Have they gone soft on Israeli aggression?

The explanation for their unexpected flaccidity of a self-appointed world opinion can be found when the quote is seen without my devious editing.
The Hamas-run government in Gaza demolished 75 houses in the al-Rimal neighborhood; government officials say the houses were illegally built on public lands. Families occupying the homes demonstrated in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
The supposedly pro-Palestinian Europeans, the Left, and "human rights" organizations come out in full-throated howl when Israelis so much as build new houses near the Palestinians.  Here Hamas actually tore down Palestinians' houses without compensation and no one gives a crap.

Does anyone still believe that any of those condemning Israel at every opportunity actually gives a damn about the Palestinians? Tell me again how hostility to Israel is not an expression of Jew-hatred but only sympathy for Palestinians.  The Jew-haters themselves clearly don't believe it.


  1. Christy1:22 PM

    I'm sorry, but are you actually an idiot? There is a world of difference between a government dispossessing their own people and a government colonising lands belonging to another people. You absolute fucking moron. What a miserable old man you are.

  2. Wow! One can actually see the spittle flying from Christy's gob as he makes his thoughtful, carefully-reasoned remarks. Christy is hardly one to call anyone else an idiot, but let's pretend that he means anything other than screaming and insults, and pretend too that his ignorant yammerings actually deserve an answer.

    The land in question, Judea and Samaria, is most definitely NOT Palestinian land. The authority for this is the Palestinians themselves. In 1947 the UN offered the Jews and the Palestinians each the land they lived on in return for accepting the sovereignty of their neighbors in the other state. The Jews accepted and formed a sovereign state. The Palestinians rejected the offer of the land and the sovereignty over it because they would not accept the condition of tolerating their neighbors. Just in case their rejection wasn't clear enough in words, they also invaded and attempted to destroy just-formed Israel. With five Arab armies to help them. Just in case their rejection of a state wasn't clear enough from their and their neighbors violent attempt to undo the partition by force, the Arabs refused to permit a state on the land that they did control. Instead Judea and Samaria were under Jordanian occupation for 19 years and Gaza was under Egyptian occupation for the same 19 years. There was and is no Palestinian state not because Israel doesn't want it, but because the Arabs don't want it.

    A second refusal to accept Israel using even greater force came in 1967 when the Jordanian and Egyptian aggression to destroy Israel was also defeated. And again in 1973 in the Yom Kippur War.

    Under the terms of the 1947 UN partition plan, the Palestinians' refusal to accept and make peace with Israel is a continuing refusal to accept sovereignty over the land. Not a square meter of it belongs to them until they make peace with Israel. For Israel's part, why should they accept Palestinian sovereignty when the Palestinians themselves reject it?

    In simpler terms, if you ask the Gazans evicted from their homes by the Hamas government, does it really matter to them whether it was the Israelis or Hamas who kicked them out and destroyed their homes? Either way they are out on the street.

  3. Christy12:17 PM

    Thanks for the history lesson buddy, but notice I used the word 'peoples'. You pretended to be morally outraged about Palestinians evicting Palestinians and thought you were making a clever argument in the process. I just pointed out how retarded that logic is. There is a difference between Israeli's evicting Palestinians and between Palestinians doing it to themselves. Say, when a western government evicts a group of people because they are in the way of a motorway or whatever.

    Now sincerely, you are a racist fucking cunt and I hate you.

  4. Once again I am not sure whether Christy is stupid or just pretending to be stupid because he is so dishonest. a) He did not use the word "peoples". It is right there in black and white above. b) He claims there is a difference between being evicted from your home by a neighboring people or by your own people, but doesn't say what it is. There may be some difference in whom one blames (never oneself) but the actuality is the same - you, your wife, your kids, your goats, and your furniture are all out on the street.

    Nor does Christy address the point of my argument, which is the hypocrisy of racists like himself who claim to support Palestinian people against oppressions like mass eviction. Here is a mass eviction of Palestinians and Christy couldn't care less. So his concern clearly is not in the least for the Palestinians nor for their supposed oppression. It would appear that Christy is merely hostile to the Jewish state and its people and does not care a fig for Palestinians. I believe the word for people like Christy is hypocrites.

    Even that is giving them the benefit of the doubt that they have actually fooled themselves into believing that they care about Palestinians rather than just hating the homeland of the Jews. If they have not succeeded in deluding themselves about their real motives, then they are liars as well.

  5. Christy1:14 PM

    'You're anti semitic and racist lol' is getting old Jack. Your arguments stink of self righteousness and a complete lack of awareness about how most people in the world live. There is a grey area in the whole Israel-Palestine thing and I don't pretend that Palestinians don't do some admittedly retarded things. But the colonisation and theft of land belonging to the Palestinian people is an international outrage, a cancerous tumour in the heart of the Muslim world. You propagate this profoundly unjust policy and justify it with some vague notion of Jewish supremacy. You are a racist. You are a cunt. I hate you and everything you stand for. You are the reason why people go to war and why good men die, your fucked up intransigence and your ancestral hatred's. And what for? You grew up in a comfortable middle class American suburb. You know fucking nothing about the real world. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

  6. Christy3:35 PM

    And I did use the word 'people', you miserable senile bastard.

  7. "a cancerous tumour in the heart of the Muslim world" That would be an example of why I keep calling Christy "anti-Semitic and racist" - because he is. And the reason it is getting old for him is that he is not honest enough nor open enough to examine his own views critically. He is like the chronic shoplifter who cannot figure out why he keeps winding up in jail and blames the people who catch him stealing. That person will say that his constantly being called a thief is getting old.

    Another example of his unthinking and determined racism is that knowing full well why the claim of "stealing" land by paying for it is one of the many "retarded" things the Palestinians do, he repeats himself it as though repeating it often enough will somehow make it true. By mirroring the "retarded" claims of the Palestinians, he is as retarded as they are.

    Since Christy proclaims his "awareness about how most people in the world live" by inventing a laughable biography for me, I will mention that I grew up on a small failing chicken ranch outside a one-horse town in rural California. Rural poverty is not as much fun as everyone says. When even that became untenable my family moved to Los Angeles and took up unskilled and semi-skilled jobs. Not much was comfortable about any of that and none of it was middle class. The external advantages I have had in life was that the country was progressive enough in those days to provide scholarships and student loans for smart poor kids with good grades. California then and now has literally the best public university in the world, which I was able to attend.

    Christy's charge that I am racist needs no rebuttal except to point that it is the ridiculous racist Christy who is saying it. As to my being a cunt, it is my ambition to be a cunt. I love cunts. They are soft and warm and fuzzy and intimate, giving pleasure and love and cuddly little babies.

    I have no notion of Jewish supremacy but I do have a pretty clear notion of Irish inferiority. It is no secret that every Irishman of intelligence and initiative left Ireland long ago. They became the choice spirits of England, the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, and much of South America. Only the descendants of the dregs of 19th and 20th century Ireland remain in that unfortunate island. Those who left became the Kennedys in America and Bernardo O'Higgins in Chile and the Wild Geese in Spain. Those who remained became dull-eyed dull-witted, priest-buggered ignorant drunks like Christy.

  8. Christy5:45 PM

    So the settlements on the West Bank are not theft by any other name? colonisation? Are you really so blind? so stupid?

    Cheers for confirming your racism by enlightening us with the notion that anyone currently residing in Ireland is 'dull-eyed dull-witted, priest-buggered ignorant drunks'

    If there were less people like you in the world, ultimately there would be less suffering, less war, and less intransigence. You are part of the problem Jack. You with your black and white, fundamentalist views. The kind of mentality that glosses over colonisation and land theft. My cancerous tumour remark was pretty clear - I was talking about the settlements on the West Bank. I know your retarded rhetorical devices by now, where you deliberately mischaracterise someone's argument so that you can go ahead and create a strawman to knock down so ruthlessly. Its quite pathetic. You probably think it makes you look intelligent, but to be honest it just makes you look like the angry old man shooting abuse on the street, who believes that since people are walking past you so hurriedly that they haven't got an argument to match your own. Oblivious to the fact that they regard you as a foam at the mouth fundamentalist, who is bereft of empathy, self criticism, or self awareness.

  9. There is no point in trying to soften or distinguish your "cancer in the Middle East" remark - it is a direct quote from the Nazi propagandist Albert Speer. Which makes a great deal of sense since it was your countrymen, alone among Europeans, who sent official condolences to the Third Reich on the death of Adolf Hitler. The Nazi connection is as much a part of your history as drunkenness. That is not mis-characterization, that is a fact. You tried to evade the oozing pus of anti-Semitism in Irish society chronicled by James Joyce in 'Ulysses' by claiming it was a long time ago. But you failed to mention any moment whatsoever when it changed. The fact that you would unblushing quote Speer shows that nothing has changed in Ireland in that regard.

    If you don't like racial slurs against the Irish, perhaps the place to start would be to stop making them against the Jews?

  10. I was wrong. It wasn't Speer, it was Josef Goebbels.

  11. Christy4:50 AM

    I am not making racial slurs against Jews you fucking retard. You don't even believe that, you're creating one of your strawmen all over again. You think it makes you clever. It doesn't.

  12. Really? Calling our settlements "a cancer in the Middle East" is not racist? The unfortunate thing here is that you are so clueless that you don't even understand that.

  13. Christy1:32 PM

    The illegal, immoral, and incendiary settlements on the West Bank, land that rightfully belongs to Palestinians but instead being occupied by fundamentalist nutballs originally from Eastern Europe (I guess their title deeds are somewhere in the old testament) is a cancer in the heart of the middle east. If you don't understand that, and understand how it destablises the entire region, then you are the medical definition of a retard.

  14. Christy I am pretty sure you were drunk again when you sent your last lame attempt at a comment. The combination of drunk and stupid is a complete loser, as are you.