Thursday, April 09, 2015

Has Obama Chosen Iran over Israel?

Our friends?  Really?

It ordinarily would not be fair or mature to impugn President Obama's motives over a policy disagreement, even an important one. But after the campaign of calumny and personal vilification that was launched against Prime Minister Netanyahu by administration proxies and toadies like the New York Times and The Atlantic, Mr Obama deserves no such courtesy. 

Obama's policy appears to be to throw an ally under the bus to mollify an enemy, a short term policy that re-iterates the anti-proliferation regime by which Bill Clinton did no more than slightly delay North Korea's acquisition of nuclear weapons.

It would appear that Obama wants a treaty so he can claim to have a foreign policy achievement to match his one domestic achievement, the Affordable Care Act.  Endangering both Israel and the United States to bolster his ego that he was a successful president is less than admirable. It is less than responsible. 

If Obama prevails in this fight and gets his treaty, the eventual Iranian nuclear arsenal, not the treaty, will be his legacy. Future generations will curse his name.

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