Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Iran is an empire, a prison of nations, like the Russian Empire before the Revolution.  Iran is ruled by the Persians.  The Persians Farsi speakers rule over the Kurds, the Azeris, Arabs, Armenians, Baluchs, Rajis, Turkmens, and many other peoples.  Maybe it is time to free the subject peoples? 
The Persian Farsi speakers claim to be a majority of the population by counting Luri, Bakhtiari, Bandari, Hazara, and Khuzi speakers as Persians because their languages are similar to Farsi. That is like claiming that Frenchmen are Englishmen because French and English share so many words. The Persians are a minority in Iran yet rule the country with a dictatorship of ayatollahs.

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