Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Los Angeles

According to the chart here
the median house price in Los Angeles reached $200,000 at the end of 2003 and is now at $593,000. In two and a half years. Unlike the Zillow estimates for individual houses, the medians are real and exact because they are based on sales. Bubble?


  1. The Scorpion3:18 PM


    I just came back from LA. The city no longer works. We went to the beach..signs warned of polluted water, don't swim. We went to a store 2 miles from where we were staying...40 minutes drive time. In the seven days we were there we spent 10 hours on the road. Sheryl said LA has everything to offer, you just can't get to it.

  2. The Scorpion5:21 PM

    What...Am I the only one who comments? Come on, it's lonely at the bottom. Maybe I am the only one without a life who has time for such nonsence.