Tuesday, August 29, 2006


When is the last time the Party of the Self-Made Man actually nominated one?


  1. The Scorpion9:25 AM

    Hubert, Walter, Mike, Bill...there must be more.

  2. Sorry Slim, but the Party of the Self-Made Man is the GOP, not the Democrats. They are the party of Bush, Bush, and Reagan who though actually self-made pretended he was royalty until he actually believed it.

  3. The Scorpion1:35 PM

    So Sorry...John McCain, Barry Goldwater, Arnold,
    Nelson Rockef...well maybe not him, The great and misunderstood Tom Delay (done in by that jewish guy), and Abe Lincoln...don't forget Abe. And Hoover, yeh and Ike too. Nixon was self made and self destroyed. And Ford. The hits just keep on happening. Wilke, did I mention Wendell?

  4. Trashman8:31 PM

    "The radiant splendor of the Blessed and Holy One is far greater than what the worlds can bear. But the Blessed One, in many contractions and condensations, scales the radiance down so that we may be able to bear it."

    -Rabbi Dov Baer, the Maggid of Mezritch (18th Century)

    Comment: This is about "tzimtzum" (the mystical concept of G-d's voluntary "contraction" to make room for creation). "The Maggid says that the teacher has to condense his teaching so that it will not overwhelm the fragile mind of the student, just as the parent has to tell the story to the child in such a way that the child will be able to understand it. All of this is a way of saying that a certain scaling down is often necessary."-Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

    Source: "Wrapped in a Holy Flame-Teachings and Tales of the Hasidic Masters," by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

  5. Scorpion, tway that kind of a remark works is that all the contrary examples become the grand tradition that modern Republicans are betraying. With a little finagling I was able to get back a quarter century as long as you didn't remember Bob Dole. Of course they nominated Viagra Bob as a sacrificial lamb because nobody had a prayer against Clinton in 1996.

  6. John McCain's father was a four star admiral, so Johnny was hardly just another kid on the block. Goldwater's father and grandfather owned Goldwater's department store which made them among the richest families in Phoenix. Arnold can't be nominated and Tom Delay is toast. One does have to go back to Wilkie and Lincoln to find one.