Friday, September 29, 2006

The Scenic Route

La Scene a Croute
Walked 11,200 steps yesterday according to my Step-O-Meter, about seven miles. Got myself fairly tired. Traversed El Cerrito, Albany, and Berkeley. Reached Afikomen, our Jewish bookstore. Got an interlinear Art Scroll siddur. Said "Modeh ani" (I give thanks) this morning for the first time ever. Kinda nice.


  1. A question first: Was Afikomen your intended destination?

    Now a comment: I sort of know what you mean. After almost 20 years of loose exposure to Judaism, and then the last three years a deep commitment to Judaism, I feel like I have a real feeling that it is a "new year," that Tishrei is a legitimate month on a legitimate calendar and that the first of Tishrei is a genuine beginning of a new cycle. I could never fully relate to it before. But when you dive into living a Jewish life, the holidays make mystical as well as logical sense. It's the first time I have felt the New Year vibe at Rosh Hashanah. Kinda nice.

  2. paintedtoes9:26 AM

    Some of the best things which have happended in my life were unintended but meant to be. The who, what, wheres, whens are real, but the whys...are often not ours to figure out. Don't fedrey your kuph, JK. Just enjoy the "kinda nice" as it stands.