Friday, December 07, 2007

Good News on a Small Subject

In a time of war and transformation it is good to know that this week is also the time when Fuyu persimmons are in grocery stores. They are wonderful and are known to cure hunger, scurvy, and lack of persimmons.


  1. drippyba11:23 PM

    I've never seen a persimmons before, but now you've made me curious and hungry.

  2. Lou Carccionni8:30 PM

    There are two main kinds of persimmons, the FU that jack likes and the Hachiya, which my mother loves. The Hachiya is soft, slimy and sickly sweet. Most people find them revolting. The Foo-you on the other hand, is firm and blandly sweet. When taking a bite for the first time, most people say "Huh? I don't get it."

  3. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I like both kinds (and actually probably the hachiya a little better). The problem with the hachiya is that if it is not soft enough when you try to eat it, it is worse than eating a green banana! Horrible. Whereas the fuyu, you can eat when they are hard and crunchy and they mostly taste good.