Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hard Times in EC

I have been working like it actually made a difference for the past four days getting my house very clean. And moving all my personal stuff to the small apartment.

This morning while scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees it occurred to me that my mother said that if I didn't go to college that this was how I would wind up. Wait! I did go to college.

She didn't mention anything about studying or going to class or majoring in anything useful, only going to college. Maybe I should have asked someone else.

Call from guests on their way from Boston. Flight delayed by snow. What is it about snow that makes everybody who doesn't have it wish they did? And everybody who does have it wish they didn't?

No small trick getting all that work done while sick. I have had bubonic plague for several days now. Other people may think it is just a horrible cold but I know the Black Death when I've got it. I feel like a pile of shit that has gotten cold but not yet hardened.

Anyway I realized that after I repay both the first and second sets of guests their deposits I will have bubkes left. Maybe summer tourist season will be better. I am afraid that, like the 2009 Arena Football season, the 2009 tourist season may also be canceled. But no use crying over not-yet spilt milk.

Money aside, and it should be, I am relieved that I am done for today. Or at least I will be after the guests show up for the keys and the tour.

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