Sunday, December 21, 2008

Representatives of House

The rule, for future reference, is that houses are entropic. a) Disorder always increases. b) Order in one area is achieved by increasing disorder in another. c) The appearance of order in the whole house is won only at expense of large increases in disarray in one's life. d) the appearance of order in one's life is won only at cost of time, effort, work, spirit, money, confusion and disruption of one's affairs, and more time, effort, and money. Expenditures of time, effort, work, spirit, confusion, disruption, and money shorten one's life. One comes closer to Death. Which is Very Entropic.

I wonder if I am being so negative because I am so miserable. If I had not spent the night coughing, tossing and turning, and blowing my nose, would I be Little Miss Sunshine?

I invariably get up at 7 am, do exercises, eat a healthy breakfast, run two miles, volunteer for two hours at a local hospital, spend an hour, gardening in the yard. After cooking dinner for myself, I spend the evening working on the book I expect to finish soon. I then go to bed at 11 pm sharp without fail.

Well, no. My hours are actually completely random. I never actually get anything done unless there is the gun of unacceptable consequences kept at my head.

What makes Hell so unpleasant is that it is invariably of our own making.

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  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    You've made your bed, Jack. Now the challenge is to find the person to lie in it with you.