Monday, March 30, 2009

Moving On

['2001' - the Dawn of Man]

After all the fear and loathing on 25th Street in Oakland, I had the guy bring the subwoofer here. We hooked it up and it worked and seemed to sound OK so I bought it.

It is a featureless black two foot cube, evilly squatting on the floor like a mini-me of the monolith in '2001'

Later I thought it sounded awful and that I had been had. Then I listened to a CD from Telarc which is supposed to make the technically best CD's. The bass viol, bass drum, and tympani were are all detailed and distinct and excellent. So maybe some of the other CD's are not recorded so well.

Which is pretty weird if true. Having a stereo better than the CD's one plays on it is like writing a check and having the bank bounce. Which is not so far-fetched these days.

Anyway, I am as happy as a lottery winner with this Craigslist-and-my-attic stereo.

Soon I can move on to obsessing on something else. But for now my world is full of music.

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