Friday, April 03, 2009

The Times and Avigdor Lieberman

[Avigdor Lieberman]
The New York Times today:
"[Israeli Foreign Minister] Mr. Lieberman leads the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu, an important partner in the governing coalition and the third largest party in Parliament."
Curiously Saeb Erekat the representative of the Palestinian Authority which continues to insist that only Palestine and not Israel has a right to exist, who is quoted without rebuttal in the Times article, apparently is not an ultranationalist. He is merely "a Palestinian negotiator".

We are told that Mr. Lieberman is "seen by many as a racist". Of course exactly the same could be said of Isabel Kirshner, the Times staff writer who wrote this article, could it not?

And certainly of the Palestinians who insist in both word and violent deed that no Jew may live in their intended state though a million Arabs live in Israel. I do not recall a single instance of any Palestinian figure being called a racist or an ultranationalist in the Times for this unwavering position.

Only at the end of the article do we find out in what Mr. Lieberman's racism and ultranationalism consists.
"Mr. Lieberman said on Wednesday that instead of Annapolis, Israel was committed to the “road map,” a 2003 American-backed performance-based peace plan that made the creation of a Palestinian state contingent on the Palestinians ending all violence and dismantling terrorist networks."
Can't get much more racist and ultranationalist than that.


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Why does this not come as a surprise. Maybe you'll think differently if and when your entire family is blown up by an Israeli rocket, your friends destitute, the sun scorching your ass off and a huge big enemy staring down your neck.

    People like you insist on keeping the gun in politics, you make me sick.

  2. With all due respect Anonymous, consider the possibility that you may be a moron. Has it occurred to you (of course it hasn't - it is a rhetorical question) that the rockets that are causing the problem are Palestinian rockets?

    The fact that you chose a rocket, the Palestinian weapon of choice, for your image shows how deeply in denial you are about who and what the problem is.

    Peace will come when the Arabs stop trying to kill their neighbors.