Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East

[Khaled Meshal with Ahmadinejad]


Hamas' Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashal said last week that his organization will not accept a two-state solution as a means to end the conflict with Israel, Germany's Deutsche Presse Agentur

Mashal recently criticized Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas for recognizing Israel and vowed to continue Hamas' "resistance" against the Jewish state. Hamas is working to form a unity government with Abbas' Fatah party, but must first overcome a number of political and ideological hurdles.

The Obama administration has conditioned any financial support for the PA on all of its members' explicit adherence to the three Quartet conditions-recognition of Israel, renunciation of violence and acceptance of all previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements. To date, Hamas has refused to meet any of these core conditions.


  1. Christy9:28 AM

    What can happen though? Its the same old ugly cycle -> Hamas refuses reasonable settlement, organises attack on Israel which injuries three people and kills one soldier -> Israel responds and kills 200 children in an orphanage, destroys a hospital and then bombs the granary, bringing on the possibility of severe hunger for 000s of people.

    Maybe one of the sides has to be the bigger person. I wonder which one?

  2. Christy9:29 AM

    In case you thought I was being literal I'm providing an historical example.

  3. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Fuck Israel!

  4. I can see that Christy and Anonymous are on the same page. Christy's objection seems to be that not enough Jews were killed to satisfy him. Curiously the Jews have gotten the idea that NO Jews should be killed. Not just fewer - none.

    Now I can see why a racist like Christy who considers killing Jews to be a "boys will be boys" sort of prank could find that unreasonable. However for those of us who consider Jews to be human beings it is a more compelling case.

    Christy thinks that the solution is to find the right balance between the number of Jews killed and the number of Arabs killed.

    The Zionist solution is that when no Jews are killed no Arabs will be killed. The correct number of people whom it is OK to kill is zero.

    When the Arabs and their European racist enablers get over the idea that it is OK to kill Jews, any Jews, the Arab survival rate will go up too.

    It is like the line in Hud (1963) starring Paul Newman. "This here shootin' of deputy sheriffs has just natcherly gotta stop."

  5. Christy11:47 PM

    How beautifully and typically obtuse of Mr. Kessler.

    Notice how I mention the killing of Arab schoolchildren, the destruction of Arab hospitals and granaries and he replies with a typical 'this is OK so long as Israel is being attacked'.

    A Just war is one which is fought on the grounds of proportionality and respectability. Only a complete moron cannot see that killing Arab schoolchildren, destroying Arab hospitals and granaries is counterproductive, no matter what the 'reasons' might be.

  6. Christy4:53 AM

    Ah... Interesting reply by Mr. Kessler. It must be very enjoyable to shut one's hands over one's ears and shout 'Israel is always right, Israel is always right!'