Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Yet Another Amazing Coincidence....

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I was as astonished as anyone that, amazingly, the man who murdered a woman and shot five others at a Jewish Federation office in Seattle just happened to be a Muslim. Just as Major Hasan just happened to be a Muslim. And AbdulSalam Zahiri who murdered his professor at Binghampton who just happened to be a Muslim. And John Muhammad, the Viriginia overpass sniper, just happened to be a Muslim. And the terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 massacres in New York and Washington just happened to be Muslims.

From today's Seattle Times-

Haq convicted on all counts in Jewish Federation shootings

A King County jury this morning found Naveed Haq guilty of eight counts, including aggravated first-degree murder, in the 2006 shootings at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. The murder verdict carries an automatic life sentence for Haq.

The jury also found Haq, 34, guilty of five counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of unlawful imprisonment and one count of malicious harassment, the state's hate-crime law.

Haq showed no reaction as the verdicts were read, but several people in the courtroom tearfully hugged.

Several of the victims were seated in the courtroom this morning as the verdicts were read. They testified during both trials, reliving what happened when Haq walked into the federation offices on July 28, 2006, and started shooting indiscriminately at employees. Killed was Pamela Waechter, 58, and wounded were Cheryl Stumbo, Carol Goldman, Dayna Klein, Christina Rexroad and Layla Bush.

Prosecutors said he was driven by a hatred for Israel.

Prosecutors also introduced as evidence audio recordings from 10 phone calls Haq placed to his family after his arrest. In the calls, recorded by the King County Jail, Haq told his mother he was "a soldier of Islam."

Witnesses testified that Haq, who is of Pakistani heritage, railed against Jews and U.S.-Israeli policies as he opened fire in the Jewish Federation, an umbrella organization for the local Jewish community that raises money for social-welfare organizations, runs youth and adult educational programs, and engages in efforts in support of Israel.

On the 911 tape, which the prosecution played for jurors on Oct. 21, the opening day of the trial, Haq said he was tired of the world ignoring the Muslim point of view.

"I don't care if I die," Haq said to the dispatcher. "This is just to make a point."
Haq made a point, just not the one he intended. How many murders will it take before we take Naveed Haq's point to heart? His unwitting point is that no matter how seemingly harmless an individual Muslim might seem, murder is never far away.

It would be politically incorrect to say Haq's motive for murder and attempted murder was Islam. It would however be correct in every other way.

At what point do we drop the fig leaf of pretending away the obvious? This just has to stop. Immigration from Muslim countries to the US must be restricted.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I am the grandfather of the girl Naveed Haq abducted and the father of Cheryl Stumbo, one of the women shot by Haq.

    Naveed Haq's parents are fine people who are devastated by the acts of their son. We shouldn't blame all Muslims.

    Timothy McVeigh was a Christian.

    Stan Stumbo

  2. As much as I feel a strong desire to defer to Mr. Stumbo in his hour of grief, I cannot. It is not only his daughter and granddaughter who are the issue. Every daughter and granddaughter, every son and grandson, is at risk.

    As much as I respect Mr. Stumbo's capacity for forgiveness, I must disagree with his implied premise that nothing can or should be done.

    Timothy McVeigh did not blow up the Oklahoma City federal building and murder the people in it because he was a Christian, but because he was a militiaman.

    Militias haven't been heard from for a while. There is a reason. The government, acting through various agencies, quietly disrupted and effectively suppressed them and ended their illegal activities and terrorism.

    The equivalent government action to minimize Muslim terrorism would be to minimize immigration from Muslim countries.

  3. Christy11:22 AM

    Following through your logic, Major Hasan didn't launch fire at his comrades in Texas because he was a Muslim. It was because he was nuts.

    Al Qaeda didn't attack on 9/11 because they were Muslim, but because they were fundamentalists.

    The Israeli army didn't kill thousands and thousands of Palestinians over the last five decades because they were Jews. They did it because they follow a government policy aimed at instituting apartheid.

    The American army didn't kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis because they were Christian. They did it because they follow a government policy aimed at... (Fill in the blanks)


    Oh, and merry Christmas (Or Hanukkah, or whatever is)

  4. Christy would be right except for the Koran. McVeigh killed hundreds of people IN SPITE of the teaching of Christianity not to do such things. Haq, Hasan, Zahiri, and Al-Qaeda kill thousands BECAUSE the Koran teaches them to dominate and kill.

    The charge of Israel instituting apartheid is simply ignorant anti-semitism. The Palestinians and dupes like Christy insist that the problem is the settlement of Jews on territory the Palestinians insist is theirs and from which Jews must be excluded. And then have effrontery to complain of apartheid.

    Which is it Christy? Should Jews and Arabs be free to live together as in Israel where almost 20% of the population is Arab? Or should there be an apartheid where one people are rigidly and violently excluded as in Palestinian territory?

    The charge of apartheid shows what crap the Palestinians descend to to smear Israel. And also what gullible racist fools and bigots the leftists who support them are.

  5. Christy7:09 PM

    I'm no leftist. But even so, I'm talking about the historical creation of the Israeli state, an artificial state which was created out of righteous grievance on the one hand and barbaric religious fundamentalism on the other. But that belongs to history I suppose, and little good can be brought about by dragging it up.

    I'm just curious how someone can be so bigoted against an entire group of people when they themselves hail from a minority constantly feeling the pinch of prejudice.

    Take for example the far right arguments against the Jews; they argue that the Jews take up highly important positions in the nations intellectual, financial and cultural sectors of the population, whilst only forming a tiny minority of the country at large. These same bigots argue that the 'Jews' are too powerful, weilding an economic and political weight far beyond their electoral power. They argue that the Jews should be restricted entry and forced out of the United States, as a result of their massive economic and political power.

    You see how ridiculous your argument is Jack? Do you now see why your neighbours see you as a mean old bigot, living alone in a big house musing over ways to generally be a tight fisted asshole, spending the rest of his days as a vacuum for all that is petty and innane?

  6. Jasmin7:21 AM

    Christy, the charge against Jews is 100% correct, you only have to look at Jewish pigs like Madoff to see this. All these ratdogs are the same.

  7. Christy9:42 AM

    Its seems our resident Islamofascist and regular fascist share a lot in the line of mentality. Its no coincidence really, the only thing that distinguishes one bigot from another is the group they're bigoted against.

    Merry Christmas Jack! (Cunt)