Friday, December 25, 2009

Yet Another Amazing Coincidence

[Delta flight 253 - Amsterdam ==> Detroit]
We all know that it is Islamophobic racism to imagine a connection between Islam and terrorism. So it came as a great surprise to all that the man who attempted to kill himself and 283 other people aboard an Airbus-300 jetliner, just happened to be a Muslim.

A 23 year old Nigerian, Abdul Mudallad set off an incendiary device strapped to his leg. during the flight. Apparently a devout practicing idiot, Mudallad succeeded only in setting fire to his trousers and leg before flight attendants put him out by throwing water on him.

Is there something odd about Muslims getting upset about Islamophobia and demanding full and generous tolerance of themselves and their religion, yet themselves tolerating no one? Until Jews and Christians have equal rights and status with Muslims in Muslim countries, I see no reason why Muslims are entitled to ask for equal rights and status in western countries.

We may want to extend equal rights to all for reasons of our constitution and our own notions of equal treatment. It does not follow that Muslims have any right or moral standing to ask for equal treatment, let alone demand it. The correct answer to charges of Islamophobia is to laugh in the hypocrites' faces.


  1. Admirer of Fascism5:01 AM


  2. Jasmin8:31 AM

    How can you question the motives of this man. His people have been persecuted and murdered by the white west since colonialism, do you expect this to occur without retribution Jack? These incidents will continue to happen as long as people like you spout out your ignorance, it will continue as long as American continues to pursue its imperialist ambitions, it will continue as long as Israel continues committing War Crimes in Palestine and continues its occupation of Palestine, etc. etc. The problem for you may be Islam, the cause however is people like you and what I have outlined above, differentiate between the problem and the cause. I would also add that if you had your fascist principles in place, your beloved Obama would never have become President of America. Jack, you are the evil one, you are the cause and therefore you are the problem.

  3. Notice how Admirer of Fascism goes so easily from the fact, the repeated and demonstrated fact, that Muslims are trying to kill us, to the charge that we are trying to kill them. And the basis of his charge is my so much as pointing out that the Euroleft's Emperor of Denial has no clothes.

    And is it ONE Muslim? On this very page we have Jasmin claiming that the would be murderer of 283 people had motives so justified as to be above question. If she believes her ragtag of imagined and garbled history that fervently, how far is she from acting on it too?

    She very specifically says he was justified in trying to kill the 283 people. If she believes in the justice of her cause and that it justifies mass murder, she is a supporter and encourager of terrorism and mass murder.

    Yet she spews her irrational anger and venom as though she and her fellow terrorists were in the right and their impotent rage at having been left behind by history justified them killing as many people as possible.

    Just a little hint that you won't take, Jasmin. So far from being justified or in the right, you have become someone who justifies and encourages mass murder. Jasmin you have become a monster. You have become the subhuman thing in the hockey mask in our horror films. But those monsters are movie fantasy. You, Jasmin, are a real life monster, less than human.

  4. A history lesson about American imperialism in the Middle East. Our imperialism has consisted in developing oil fields and shipping terminals your people were and are incapable of building. Our imperialism has consisted of paying Arabs the world price for oil you did not create and on your own cannot extract.

    Our imperialism consists of helping Israel defend itself against your racist attacks on its civilians. Israel's war crimes consist of its fully justified reprisal for Arab attacks on its civilians. It is those persistent barbaric attacks on Israeli civilians that are war crimes because they are indiscriminate and INTENDED to murder civilians.

    Our imperialist war in Afghanistan consists of trying to set right a country from which attacks on New York and Washington were launched. In which three thousand Americans were killed.

    Even the war in Iraq, whatever the wisdom of it may be, was certainly justified. Saddam Hussein was paying for suicide bombings in Israel, had invaded Iran at the cost of over a million lives, invaded Kuwait, menaced Saudi Arabia, slaughtered Shiites, massacred Kurds, shot SCUD missiles at Israeli civilian populations, maintained a one-party totalitarian regime reminiscent of Stalin. American imperialism consisted of overthrowing that merciless regime.

    Yet Jasmin disclaims all these things because she is as irrational unthinking and hate-filled as other Muslims. She is an example of what is wrong with Muslims - good and hating and cursing, not so good at thinking and considering reality.

  5. Admirer of Fascism7:22 AM

    Yes Jack!!! These Muslim dogs barely deserve life! There is only one solution, a 'final solution' if you will - death to the Mahomadean! Death to Islam! Death to the east! We shall win this clash of civilisations!

  6. Jasmin8:20 AM

    Dog, why are you so defensive about the illegal state of Israel, are you Israeli? or are you one of these racist pigs that thinks your religion gives you a divine right to live in the Palestinian territories? I would appreciate if you could answer that. Also, digsusting dog, how can you defend its war crimes. Also, dog, you forgot never responded to my point - your xenophobia, and collective xenophobia that has led to persecution of the Arab's is the cause of all this. The state of Israel should be crushed, it is the problem. Anyway dog, I do hope one day you see the error and wrongs of the vile you preach.

  7. Jasmin, have you noticed that your "argument", which started out with groundless political invective, so quickly descends to personal abuse? I think we both know that that the reason you make no rational argument is that you haven't got one.

    Have you noticed that there are millions of Muslims who have freely immigrated to the United States? Have you noticed that there are millions of Muslims who have freely immigrated to the United Kingdom? to France? to Germany? to Italy? and on and on?

    Yet Muslims, including you Jasmin, start screaming, killing, bombing, shooting rockets, if anyone wants to move into the country where you live. Why is that, Jasmin?

    And yet you have the absurd cluelessness and hypocrisy to accuse OTHERS of xenophobia?

  8. Admirer of Fascism, who is almost certainly the Hibernian bar towel, Christy, just repeats the same remark that our objection to Muslims killing our people amounts to our killing Muslims. What is proposed is that Muslims be given less opportunity to kill our people in London subways, in New York office buildings, in Bali nightclubs, in Madrid subways, and on airliners, and with rocket attacks.

  9. Admirer of Fascism5:16 PM

    Yes!!! Think of all these Muslim ingrates getting away with all these murders! These bastards, as a community deserve only death!!! Face it Jack, you are thinking the same thing, but are afraid to say it because of all the negative connotations. Restricting their movement and liberty is not enough. We need cold lead Jack. Join us Jack. Join us in our pursuit of liberty.

  10. Jasmin8:23 AM

    Western Dog, I have made my argument, one which you cannot counter. You still haven't countered the point that it is your prejudice, your hatred, your peoples war crimes, your peoples butchering of 1000's and 1000's of Arabs since the day of colonialism. Dog, you are the cause and you are the problem.

  11. Damien10:32 AM

    Jack,regarding his father who attempted to alert national security and even the American embassy about his son's radical beliefs, is he a sub-human terrorist too and deserves to be labelled as a threat, is he a monster too Jack? Your twisted racist ideology is full of double-standards, hypocrisies and plain stupidity.

  12. Jasmin4:27 PM

    Also Dog, I am fully aware that Muslim's have immigrated to Western countries. My problem is when dogs like you move over to my country, establish an illegal state and persecute my people like the dogs that you are. There is a huge difference between voluntary emigration and imperialism.

  13. Admirer of Fascism4:56 PM

    Jack! I think you should expel these Muslim animals from your website. This Jasmin woman is clearly a national security issue and should be sent to Guantanamo with immediate effect.

    (When you and I assume control of this great Republic we can send these rats to somewhere a little less comfertable than Guantanamo, if you know what I mean!)

  14. Hey, i happen to like dogs.

  15. Actually, since she hates westerners and imperialists so much, shouldn't she voluntarily get the hell out of our country? Instead of continuing to be such a hypocrite? Jasmin, there are lots of Muslim countries not controlled by western dogs and imperialists. Why didn't you emigrate to one of those countries? If you hate us so much why come here? Why don't you either shut the hell up or get the hell out of the country you dislike so much? No one, absolutely no one, is making you stay here. You can leave today. Why are you still here?

  16. Super Admirer of Fascism3:56 AM

    Lets make her leave Jack! Lets petition Congress and demand they pass a law stating; 'All hairy sons of Allah must leave the United States of America within 30 days, or face the punishment of death by stoning'. These bastards don't tolerate Christians in their country! Their first and only instinct is cold murder - how can we allow our children anywhere near these dogs? We need to take action Jack, we need your powers with words!!!

  17. Admirer of Fascism3:59 AM

    The Muslim ingrates only capacity for knowledge involves the sword; The rest of mankind has evolved past the instantaneous need for murder. These rats, these scumbags, these degenerates are as an entire group predisposed to extreme violence. We must take them out before they take us. We need to take both their eyes before they get anywhere near us. The PC Police will tell us not to 'label them all as terrorists', but those bastards are worse than even the most extreme barbaric Moslem. You and I know, Jack, what these animals are capable of. Its only common sense to restrict their liberty in this country, the logical step following this is complete and utter extermination. We need a final solution!

    Death to the east!!! Death to Mahomad! God is Great! God is Great!

  18. Josh Franson5:28 AM

    Hello there,

    I'm the secretary of the Northern California National Socialist association of freethinking peoples. We would love to have you onboard since we have long moved past our petty anti semitism.

    Muslims are an evil race predisposed to murder and outrage. We share your concerns.

    If you wish to be considered for membership, please email me at

  19. Jasmin8:27 AM

    I never said I hate Westerners, I have lots of friends from all parts of the world, its one of the many rewards of living an open minded life. I hate Western dogs, dogs are different, you are the dog Jack. You are the below human bitter pest that persecutes my people, and as I have previously stated and you have still yet to counter, you are the cause of unrest, your imperialism and racism. Dog, you are the problem, stop trying to differentiate me from Western life too with your mindless words, I am fully integrated into Western life, I am only differentiated from dograts like you.

  20. Damien5:23 PM

    Jack, are you avoiding my questions in both your thread. Just because both threads are populated with idiots diverting attention doesn't mean I didn't notice your inability to respond to the points that I have made.

  21. Jasmin, if your argument is that you are right because you call people who don't agree with you dogs, maybe you are not as right, smart, or mature as you think you are.

    For example you use the word 'imperialism' in a way that suggests you haven't the faintest idea what it means.

    Imperialism is most clearly defined by Mao-tse-tung. He described it as the situation in which the bourgeoisie of one country exploits not only its own proletariat but also the proletariats of other countries.

    Obvious examples were the British exploitation of workers in India in general and Bengal in particular. European, American, and Japanese exploitation of workers in China and in some countries of South America are others.

    By no stretch of the imagination does the American presence in any Muslim country flow from a desire to exploit Muslim workers. Oil companies in use either European or Asian workers. Part of the reason for the poverty of most Muslim countries is that they are notoriously poor places to invest capital with which to exploit anybody at all.

    Israelis are equally reluctant to employ Arab workers other than Israeli Arabs to do anything.

    As to my being an imperialist, you may rest assured I have no intention of investing a nickel in any Muslim country.

  22. Josh Franson4:30 AM

    Hey Jack, had any time to think over our proposal? We can meet for coffee sometime and discuss our plans to eradicate the Moslem threat.

  23. Damien9:57 AM

    Was that shooting in Finland another major coincidence Jack? Oh and you still haven't answered my other questions?

  24. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Jasmin is a classic example of Arab street mentality. She is totally uneducated, but she is thoruoghly indoctrinated in jihadist propaganda. She is seething with an irrational rage and is probably mentally ill.

  25. Jasmin2:55 AM

    Raping my people and displacing them off their lands is exploitation, America's wars in the most Holy of lands in Arabia is also exploitation, America's pillaging and then theft of our resources is exploitation. If you want to be completely technical dog, then crusade might be a more appropriate word than Imperialism and we can say that it is your illegal crusades that is the cause and therefore the problem, you bitter man.

  26. Whiteandproud5:42 AM

    Yo Kessler! Take on these hairy sons of Allah man, go Kessler!

  27. Jasmin12:51 PM

    You've no retort to that Jack, you are the terrorist. You justify terrorism by causing it

  28. Jasmin Hejazi3:57 PM

    I love the last line in your initial post "laugh in the hypocrites faces". Well who's laughing now dog? You've no argument and have nothing to say for yourself, much like any Zionist that's pulled to task.

  29. Actually, I have been repairing plaster that fell out of the ceiling of my front room, trying and retrying various primers to cover water stains until I found one which worked. Then struggling to figure out a color combination which would highlight the crown molding around the room and make the room both light and warm simultaneously. All of which I point out to demonstrate the absurd self-involvement of you folks who thought my not writing here for a few days had something to do with the force of your "arguments".

  30. I agree that there is little likelihood that Jasmin can ever have anything rational to say. Her insistence on calling names like dog as children do shows that she is not an adult regardless of her age. She is apparently incapable of adult dialogue with exchange of reasons. Like so many in Gaza, she has shouts, verbal abuse, but no reasons. It is the behavior of an angry child.

    She is instructive by her example. She shows the pointlessness of reasoning with people who are impervious to reason.

    If Jasmin had access to rockets, nothing but overwhelming counterforce and reprisal would persuade her to stop shooting them at her Israeli neighbors.

    Jasmin, by her example, show the reason for Operation Cast Lead and for the separation fence to get people as irrational and dangerous as she is away from Israelis and Egyptians.

  31. It is a curious thing that people like Jasmin insist on the illegality of a state founded pursuant to a UN partition resolution passed in 1947 when the UN still had some moral and political authority.

    A Palestinian state was to have been established by that same resolution. It is often forgotten that the five Arab armies which invaded Palestine in 1947 failed to destroy Israel but they did succeed in destroying the Palestinian state.

    Jordan and Egypt, instead of permitting the formation of a Palestinian state, partitioned its territories between themselves. Hysterics like Jasmin blame Israel for what was manifestly the act of Palestine's Arab brethren in Amman and Cairo.

    Jordan and Egypt occupation of Palestine continued until 1967. It ended, not because the Egyptians and Jordanians agreed to leave and give Palestine its freedom, but because they were defeated and driven out by Israel in the Six Day War.

    Israel offered the Palestinians the state that the Jordanians and Egyptians would not in return for a peace treaty. Arafat, pursuant to the Rejectionist covenant of Khartoum in 1964, refused.

    The illegality consisted of the Jordanian and Egyptian occupation of what the UN had voted to make and independent Palestine. Not to mention the illegal attempt to destroy by force both states that the UN voted to create.

    Of course Jasmin, and folks like her have to scream, and I do mean scream, a groundless charge of illegality precisely because they have no such claim. And since they are the constant aggressors and terrorists, they reverse the claim.

    If even a word of it were true, would it not seem odd that Israel's shelling of Gaza stopped immediately after the rocket fire from that demented place stopped?

    That has been the Israeli offer all along - stop shooting at us and we will not launch reprisal. Cast Lead worked. Gaza has stopped shooting at Israel.

    Israel is a successful, reasonably prosperous, small country. They are content to attend to their own concerns and have little reason to involve themselves with their Arab neighbors except to defend themselves against them.

    Gaza has to do no more than stop shooting at Israel and sending suicide bombers to its schools and marketplaces to never see the Israeli Defense Forces again.

    Which is why Jasmin screams and rants and calls names and accuses others of terrorism. Because the government of her Gaza, Hamas, has been designated a terrorist organization by both the European Union and the United States, and for good reason.

    Which shows how the Palestinian mindset works. Their state is taken from them illegally by the Jordanians and Egyptians - so they accuse Israel of illegality.

    They wage terrorist campaigns against Egypt, Europe, America, Lebanon, and Israel so they scream that Israel is terrorist.

    They form mobs screaming that Jews are descended from monkeys and dogs - and then scream that Israel is racist.

    None of that shows anything unusual except that Gaza is an outdoor asylum for the criminally deranged.

    What is mildly interesting, is that European and American leftist are somehow able to take their side. It is an interesting example of people having to choose between reality and ideology and unhesitatingly choosing ideology.

  32. It took me a while to figure out what Damien considered his important and thoughtful questions that I was failing to answer.

    Apparently his silly observation about the father of the man who attempted to kill himself and 283 other human being, was supposed to be trenchant and refuting.

    The man's father was a normal and reasonable person who didn't want his son killed nor presumably 283 strangers killed either.

    How does pointing out that the Muslim father was responsible and moral contradict the fact that the Salafist imams who sent the terrorist on the plane did it because of their devotion to Islam?

    By analogy, our schools and churches endeavor to teach young people to be moral and responsible and good citizens. They are only partially successful. Many are good people and good citizen. Many are not.

    Far too many Muslim religious teachers teachers, Wahhabi teachers in particular, teach young people to be bad citizens by blowing up airplanes full of innocent human beings. Many accept and act on that teaching, and fortunately most do not.

    How does that in anyway contradict the general statement that the motivation for murdering large numbers of people in London and Madrid subways, in Bali nightclubs, in Mumbai hotels, in Moscow theaters, in Jerusalem vegetable markets, in New York skyscrapers - is Islam?

  33. Admirer of Fascism3:30 PM

    Yes Jack! All those evil, terrible things is Islam! Death to the Mahomadean! Death to the east! Death to Islam!

  34. Christy-Admirer of Fashion, has it occurred to you that the reason you keep repeating the same stupid taunt is that you have no case and nothing to say? Perhaps you should either think of something to say or shut up.

  35. Christy4:26 AM

    But this is what you mean, isn't it? I mean, extreme racist ideologies always have their more intelligent ministers of propaganda, who try to rationalise instinctual ethnic hatred, but it is always the stupid masses who follow the theory through and throw violence on top. You have to accept that when you preach far right ideas, you are going to have some less than reputable bedfellows.