Monday, January 25, 2010

Hard to Believe but....

[Catholic Relief Services helicopter bringing emergency supplies to Goncaives, Haiti. Catholics don't actually care about the Haitians, they are just sending aid to make themselves look good.]

There has been a lot of criticism of Israeli aid to Haiti coming from exactly those from whom one would expect it to come. The argument is made that Israeli aid is merely done to be seen to be doing good, not to aid the Haitians.

This is a good example of the intellectual dishonesty of Israel's enemies. I do not say "critics" because being a critic implies good faith.

Does one imagine that these soi-disant "critics" would have been kind to Israel if she had sent no aid? I don't think so. Yet they are silent about the glaring omission of the wealthy Arab states to send a dime or a box of bread. At the same time the Arabs are sending nothing at all, Israel is sending more, proportional to her population, than any other country.

The United States and Canada are sending aid. Every country in Europe is sending aid. Mexico and Turkey which both have experience of devastating earthquakes, are sending aid. Cuba and Venezuela are sending aid. China and Japan are sending aid. The UN is sending aid. Yet only Israel's motives are questioned.

A hundred countries send aid, yet the pseudo-Leftist enemies single out Israel's program, generally agreed to be among the fastest and most effective in delivering emergency aid, to deny the decency of their motives.

Nothing explains this enmity to the Jewish state except hostility to Jews. It is customary to close our eyes and pretend that "criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-semitism". But neither is it necessarily not anti-semitism.

This is an example of Israel's enemies on the pseudo-Left inadvertently showing their true racist faces by omitting to connect their hostility to Israel to even a putative issue.


  1. Damien5:23 PM

    How you can use the Haitian catastrophe, such a tragic and horrendous disaster, as a political football is actually beyond me Jack. You have hit a new low and I did not think that was possible.

  2. Christy2:00 AM

    Yawn. Move on Jack. No-one gives a fuck if you are Jewish. Stop wearing it like a badge of honour. We don't care.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Christy, I think you do care. You & Mel Gibson.

  4. Christy4:58 AM

    I've never even met a Jewish person in my life. If I met Jack for the first time and he told me he was a Buddhist, or a Hindu, or a Sikh, or a Jew, I wouldn't care. I'd think he's a wanker regardless.

  5. Jasmin1:05 PM

    Dog, I see you are barking nonsense again, when will you ever learn. Israel's relief effort can only be described as sinister, hypocritical and calculating.

    It is a sinister and calculating act to send in IDF war criminals into a Humanitarian crisis to garner international support, a crude attempt to legitimize the illegal state of Israel, a state guilty of War Crimes.

    And how hypocritical of Israel too, despite the cynical motives of Israel, it is still clear to see that this is not a mission based on compassionate and humanitarian grounds. How could it be? If they wished to help the plight of their fellow "humans" then how is it that they not only ignore their impoverished neighbours but they deliberately encourage and institutionalize it through their policies. Oh, how hypocritical indeed! It is Israel's long term goal to cripple Hamas (I do not support Hamas in anyway but I understand why they have a support), Israel deliberately imposes a hunger pang on Gaza to achieve its political motives. This is not the actions of Humanitarians, it is the complete antithesis of Humanitarianism.

    What a bunch of sinister, cynical and hypocritical people the IDF really are Dog!

  6. Jasmin, has it ever occurred to you that the basis of Arab hostility to Israel is that your egoes are bruised by Israeli accomplishments in building a prosperous democratic society while Arab countries wallow in backwardness under corrupt authoritarian regimes?

    Has it ever occurred to you that hostility to Israel is the single and only thing that defines Palestinian nationality? You have no language distinct from other Arabs, your religion and customs are not distinct from other Arabs, and you have no common history that extends beyond a few generations. It is solely your hostility to Israel that defines your national identity.

    Which leaves you in the absurd situation of demanding the destruction of precisely that which gives you your national identity.

    While the Egyptians and Jordanians may have occupied one of the two Palestinian states created by the UN in 1947, the people of the one they destroyed have defined themselves ever since solely in terms of the Palestinian state that survived - Israel.

  7. Jasmin, have you noticed that when Gaza stops attacking Israel with rockets that the IDF stops attacking you in return? What strategy does that suggest as a way to avoid future attacks by the IDF? If you and your fellow Gazans are too irrational to understand responsibility for your actions, perhaps you can understand consequences? Leave the Israelis in peace and they will leave you in peace. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

  8. The answer to Damien's pretense of moral umbrage is contained in the first sentence of my blog article. It is that his fellow fake-leftists did not let the enormity of the Haitian disaster deter them for a moment from questioning Israeli motives for quickly sending the most effective aid team that arrived in Haiti. If Damien were not such a hypocrite he would ask that very question of his fellow fake-leftists who attacked Israel for sending aid.

  9. Christy, since when are you a person of such distinction or moral clarity that anyone would imagine that your opinion is well-informed enough, let alone intellectually honest enough, to care what you think?

  10. Christy4:06 AM

    The day I hear Jack Kessler harping on about intellectual honesty is the day I know that I've won :)

  11. Jasmin11:21 AM

    You didn't address one point I made, you just barked about rockets, nationality and Arabs. Nothing ever changes with you.

  12. Jasmin, substitute the word "Palestinians" every place you have used Israel and Israelis. You will see that your "points" are just groundless insults. There is nothing to answer in them. It speaks to the groundlessness of your cause that you think there is.

  13. Jasmin10:48 AM

    You are still making no sense dog. If I replaced the word Israel with Palestine, my post would have no accuracy and in any case, that is completely irrelevant to any of the points I've made, points you have been unable to refute, dog.

  14. Jasmin, in all honesty, I cannot understand what you think are the points you have made. What you have written seem just a series of insults that make no point at all. What arguments are you talking about?

  15. Am I the only one who thinks it is humorous that Jasmin does not realize that "Dog" has replaced "Bro" as an expression of friendly appreciation in American popular culture?

  16. Christy writes, "Yawn. Move on, Jack. No-one gives a fuck if you are Jewish. We don't care."

    Which is the text of his denial of his racism. He is endlessly hostile to Israel and to no other country yet claims to not care about Jews.

    Indeed his affectation of boredom is exactly how he and Damien responded to my pointing out that Gaza had attacked Israeli towns with more than 8,000 rockets. Who cares, they said. Had there been thousands of rockets falling on Dublin he might have cared. Why the difference? Because you don't care? Your nose seems to be growing, Pinocchio.

  17. Damien, you wrote, "How you can use the Haitian catastrophe, such a tragic and horrendous disaster, as a political football is actually beyond me Jack. You have hit a new low and I did not think that was possible."

    I pointed out that you have not read carefully and that it was the enemies of Israel, your buddies on the pseudo-left and haters like Jasmin who were using Israeli aid to Haiti as a political football. Oddly enough you forgot to describe THEM as having hit a new low.

    I think it is you who have hit a new low, Damien. I have been assuming all along you are a conventional lefist useful idiot but fundamentally in good faith. I no longer think so. Now when I accuse you of being a hypocritical racist, there is no jocular hyperbole about it. You really are a shitty little dickwad.

  18. Damien11:30 AM

    I am truly flattered that I made such a good impression as a "leftist useful idiot but fundamentally in good faith", but alas you got me, I am merely a shitty little dickwad, lols.

    Jack, word to the wise, nothing I have ever said to you has been in good faith, I class you as a grade A dickhead. This has nothing to do with anti-semitism, I have good relations with many Jewish folk, also some of my favourite writers, artists, musicians, actors, movie directors etc. are Jewish and I am the first to admit that the Jewish race has excelled especially in the arts.

    No Jack, the lack of good faith from me is due to your support of war crimes in Israel (I can let political beliefs slide though) but what is unforgivable is your mis-founded accusations of thievery against me and most importantly of all the small matter of that deposit money which you selfishly stole knowing fine well you'd get away with it with me on the other side of the Atlantic (but I believe in Karma, and it did indeed bite you in the ass when you lost all that money in the Financial crisis, I took delight in that).

    So there has been no good faith ever, and I ain't a convential leftist though I am useful and very successful. Hypocritical racist - I think not, in fact I believe it was you that has only ever been guilty of race hate, towards the Irish and the Arabs on this blog. (I love the way you think jibing at the Irish will annoy me too Jack, not everyone is a nationalist or Zionist so its water off a ducks back).

    Having said that, this blog is always good for a giggle, you should rename it from the scenic route. "The inane ramblings of Cunt Kessler" would be far more appropriate.

  19. Damien, I have not heard you apologize for your condemnation of making Israel's aid to Haiti "a political football", when it was your fellow pseudo-leftists who had done it. Curiously you forgot to condemn your pals for exactly the same thing you mistakenly condemned me and the Israeli government for.

    How do you square that lapse with good faith or honesty?

  20. Damien11:56 AM

    Jack, now you are clutching at straws.

    Who ever said I am pseudo-leftist and why should I apologise for the actions of journalists and commentators expressing opinions which I am completely apathetic towards? (I might also note I haven't read any of these articles you refer to). I don't get this logic Jack, I really don't because it's nonsense.

    Following on to your point accusing left-wingers of anti-semitism, I would these are hypocritical (and not left wing at all) considering left-wing politics is based around egalitarianism - a concept that is not compatible with racism.

    However, leftist criticism of Israel is fully justified, it is an attack on the bourgeois nationalism which has formulated Israeli policy over the last century.

    Like I said, Clutching at straws Jack!

  21. This is a direct quote from you Damien --
    "How you can use the Haitian catastrophe, such a tragic and horrendous disaster, as a political football is actually beyond me Jack. You have hit a new low and I did not think that was possible."

    How can you deny you said it when it is right there for everyone to see? Sounds like a hypocritical shitty little dickwad to me.

  22. Damien, I assume you take it to be evidence of your profound educatedness to use an idiot phrase like "bourgeois nationalism".

    I assume the penniless Zionist pioneers of the 1870's, 80's, and '90's who founded the communist kibbutzim (collective farms) were the bourgeoisie? Or was it the destitute survivors of concentration and DP camps who were the monied class? Or the two millions of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews expelled from Arab countries and Iran in the 1950's? Were they the owners of industrial wealth? Maybe the plutocrats were the black Falasha Jews who were brought from the horrors of the Ethiopian civil war to Israel? Maybe the smug controllers of the economy were the hundreds of thousands of Yemenite Jews who were airlifted to Israel with only the clothes on their backs in the famous Operation Flying Carpet?

    Those seem like pretty firm straws to me, boy.

    The only redeeming quality about Damien's bigotry is that he is too ignorant to know any better.

  23. Actually there is vanishingly little leftist criticism of Israel. As Damien correctly points out, leftists support peace, equality, democracy, and secularism. Actual leftists support egalitarian, secular, peace-seeking democracies like Israel.

    Pseudo-leftists like Damien and his fellow charlatans support authoritarian, religious fanatic, women-suppressing, intolerant warmonger regimes like Hamas against progressive societies like Israel. And they make up any lie or rationalization they can think up to justify their antisemitic hypocrisy.