Friday, January 29, 2010

The Israel Defense Force teams in Haiti

According to the racists and hypocrites of the fake Left this was a publicity stunt. I doubt the poor bastard on the stretcher thinks it was.


  1. Jasmin3:21 PM

    Dog couldn't respond articulately to anything I said in the other post, so now he is resorting to emotive anecdotal tales, the very same tales that the IDF are propagating to achieve exactly what I was talking about. In fact, is it any surprise that this very video has been posted up on the IDF's youtube channel, thus proving and vindicating all my points, not yours Jack. This self-serving and self-praising video from the IDF quite clearly evokes the cynical natured and political motivated propaganda mission they currently embark on in Haiti. Only the IDF could behave as sub-human as this and yet I am still shocked by it due to the sheer hypocricy of it when a Humanitarian crisis exists on their doorstep, a crisis Israel is responsible for.

  2. Which pretty much establishes my point. That nothing supports Jasmin's point of view but her race-hatred. The a priori assumption of another's evil character is the definition of baseless hatred.

    Her insistence on calling me "dog", which is part of the endlessly repeated remark that "Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys." Yet they have the blind hypocrisy to call others racist and to whine about "Islamophobia".

    Here is today's Word of the Day - self-parody.

  3. Jasmin, how interesting it is that the Arab countries didn't stoop to such "emotive anecdotal tales". None of them sent a single aid worker nor a dime of aid. I guess the Arabs are just too dignified and important to help.

    I imagine that those Haitians still buried under the rubble or living without shelter or clean water are hoping that others would engage in such "emotive anecdotal tales".

  4. Closing note:
    from today's Haaretz

    "The 236-member Israeli team that landed in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake struck the Caribbean nation concluded its operations last Thursday, Israel 21c reported. The Israelis treated more than 1,110 patients, conducted 319 successful operations, delivered 16 babies and rescued people trapped beneath the ruins. The Israeli delegation left behind thirty tons of supplies, including surgical apparatus, two incubators, bandages, blankets and kitchen equipment."