Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Middle East Silliness

[Dubai Police Chief Dahi Talfan Tamim Cohen]

West Bank: Hamas Accuses Fatah of Links to Assassination in Dubai

Published: February 19, 2010

Hamas asserted Friday that two former officers from the rival Fatah organization were involved in the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai, while Fatah insinuated that Hamas members were the ones who collaborated with the killers. The Dubai police have two unidentified Palestinians in custody in connection with the killing of the official, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, last month; 11 other suspects who had European passports are at large. A Hamas Web site, the Palestine Information Center, said the two Palestinians were Anwar Shheibar and Ahmad Hassanain, former Fatah security officers and current employees of a senior Fatah official. Hamas has accused Israel of the killing, but Izzat al-Rishq, a Hamas leader in Damascus, Syria, said the Palestinians might have been “small collaborators.”

A Fatah spokesman denied involvement in the killing and blamed Hamas members for any collaboration. “Hamas is the only one to know the movement of al-Mabhouh, and from there the information went to the Israelis,” said the spokesman, Adnan Damiri.

The two Palestinians (Mossad hires mainly Palestinians) detained were unidentified except for Hamas claiming to know who they are and giving their names. There are eleven suspects at large using European passports. Somehow the two Palestinians detained remain unidentified while the eleven suspects at large, though it is not known who they are, are known to be Mossad agents. Indeed it is so well established that these eleven unknown suspects are Mossad agents that the certainty proves that the passports they used must be false because they did not have Mossad passports. The certainty about these unidentified persons, in spite of no one apprehending them nor anyone knowing who they are, is so great that undergraduate cretins as far afield as Dublin know exactly who they are.

Clearly it was a conspiracy of Mossad, Hamas, Fatah, the Iranian Republican Guard, the CIA, Al Qaeda, the Vatican, perhaps Brazil, and The Three Stooges.

This story was run by people actually claiming to be a news reporting agency.


  1. Damien3:26 AM

    I'm not an undergraduate, I'm certainly not a cretin since I'm over 6 ft tall and whats more, I, like much of the civilized world am fairly certain Mossad executed this operation, the animals in the Knesset are unable to deny the claims.

  2. Damien, it speaks volumes about the quality of Irish education that a person as consistently indifferent to facts, as wedded to prejudice and bigotry, and as ill-informed as you are, was allowed to graduate. I will grant you that you are likely 6 feet tall.

    You are fairly certain Mossad killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh - based on what evidence? Has anyone confessed? The Dubai police, the law enforcement people on the spot, have arrested two Palestinians and zero Israelis. And we know that there was a brutal civil war in Gaza between Fatah and Hamas in which no end of merciless atrocities were committed. And that al-Mabhouh, as a leader of Izz el-Deen, was a central participant. Yet you are "fairly certain" that a secret agency about whom you know exactly nothing was responsible. You are a prime example of why the jury system is a joke.

    As to the Knesset being animals, your shit-for-brains bigotry aside, are you willing to match the Knesset, resume for resume, against the timeservers in the Dail?

    (For those who don't know, the Dail is the Irish excuse for a legislature, and one of the most lackluster in Europe.)