Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soccer News

Top Ten Reasons Israel did not make theWorld Cup

10. Team's strong defense constantly confused with uneccessary offense
9. Only allowed to score proportionately to opponent
8. Kicking anything is immediately considered state sponsored terror
7. Chief Referee: Richard Goldstone
6. Constantly occupying opponents net
5. When team calls time out, UN calls emergency session
4. Whole team given red cards just for showing up
3. The Black and White ball is grey to rest of the world
2. Always considered offsides
1. Who needs a World cup when you've already got Yiddishe one?



  1. Christy wrote to announce that he still considers calling names to be argument. Way to go Christy!

  2. Abood1:32 PM

    Nobody would know, given the way you censor and alter edits. Though I enjoyed your Monty Python video.

  3. Christy has improved his intellectual status from "calling names is argument" to "personal abuse is persuasion". I am, of course, persuaded.

  4. Christy10:19 AM

    I'm not trying to persuade you. I'm merely asking whether the kind of pettiness and deceit you've been indulging in recently has any connection to your failings in the real world.

  5. Actually, no Christy, you weren't "merely asking" anything. You were being your usual insulting, juvenile, attention-needy, trolling self.

    But just for the public record, so far from my life being unsatisfactory, it is a constant leitmotif of my life since retirement that it is far better than I could possibly deserve. Though not demonstratively religious, I am forced to an inchoate gratitude to an equally inchoate source of an extravagant abundance of blessings. I cannot understand why I should be so blessed.

    I am even grateful for you Christy. Your example shows, that, though I may not be especially meritorious or deserving, there are others far less meritorious and deserving than I am.