Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Suavity and Boyish Charm



  1. Trolls, I have begun moderating comments because your spewing racist trash is both offensive and too stupid to be worth anyone's time to read.

    Again, if you have anything to say, I will be glad to have it up where I can destroy it with counter-arguments and mock you with satire.

    The trolls complaining about moderation of comments is much like the Palestinians complaining about Israel's security fence. If you had behaved like people and not animals, neither would have been necessary.

  2. Bravo Jack. Am I a troll?

  3. Damien11:09 AM

    I thought I'd wander into this cess-pit to see some reaction to the latest Israeli breaches of international law. Instead I see Jack talking to himself about trolls, lulz. Guess I missed something, how come I never got the moderation treatment Kessler?

    Anyway, its a shame that this flotilla incident occured on so many levels. Israel has yet again massacred peace and humanitarian workers (leftist palestinian solidarity idiots aside) and yet again the Western leaders while condemning, have done sweet nothing. Empty vessels. Obama has yet again proved that he is dicated to by powerful zionist lobbyists.

    The war against Hezbollah and Hamas (granted both horrendous terrorist organisations) resulted in the slaughter of 1000's of innocents, this was not enough.

    The continued illegal settlement building in complete spite of any efforts to make peace, this was not enough.

    The theft of innocent peoples passports from afar away as good old Ireland, this was not enough.

    The 3 year hunger pang on Gaza is not enough.

    What the hell is enough for our world leaders to condemn the Isaeli state (not people, I'm sure they are great) for the barbarous, war-monegering terrorist state that it is, sanctions are required. Gone are the days of Operation Vittels when world leaders would overcome the blockade of tyranical regimes to save starving people. Now the work is left to the people, such brave people get butchered in todays world with no reprecussions, it makes me physically sick.

    Had the Turks been gunned down by any other middle-east army, said army would be branded as terrorists. Why the special treatment for Isreal.

    I am genuinely sickened that Israel can get away with such actions on international waters. And that is exactly what they will do, get away with it. Let them live on in their state legitimised by a) a mandate issued by a pointless supra-national body, b) a genuine sorrowful history which I do empathise with and c) an identity forged by a fairy-tale from over 2000 years ago.

    Long Live Israel

  4. Damien11:14 AM

    Oh, I see what you mean by moderation now. Pre-approval, that's no fun Jack! Things must have been nasty. I missed a whole lot of fun. Anyways, I'm out, the idea of censorship is very much something aligned with Israeli policy, I will grant you that. Military censorship and secrecy is one thing especially when it comes to hiding WMD and nuclear bombs, blogs is another.

  5. No, Elaine, you are a dear sweet person.

  6. Christy1:43 PM

    Out of interest, am I a troll?

  7. No Christy you are not, not when you identify yourself and have something to say other than racist invective.

  8. Christy2:01 PM

    I'll have you know that by European standards I'm what you would call a 'Zionist hack', or even an 'Israeli apologist'. Just because I feel Israel should not be given a green light to do whatever the hell it likes does not make me racist or anti semitic.

  9. Christy, in justice as in law, one defending himself has more rights than one attacking another.

    The people on the boats attacked the soldiers landing on the decks from helicopters. They attacked wielding iron pipes, knives, bats and clubs, firebombs, and in two cases pistols. Those firing the pistols were among those killed.

    I say anyone and everyone has a right to defend herself when assaulted with deadly force. Do you say otherwise? Or is it only Jews whom you consider not have that right?

  10. Christy2:28 PM

    Israel had absolutely no right to board a humanitarian vessel in international waters. The aid workers were stupid when they attacked the Israeli's as they descended (Though who knows what actually materialised) but they had an inherent right to defend their vessel. They may cut a pathetic image by attacking one of the most capable armies in the world with sticks and stones, but undoubtedly they had a moral right to repel what was an act of piracy.

  11. Humanitarian? They were armed and used the arms to attack the Israelis who boarded them. Humanitarians are not armed and not violent. These people were.

    There was no humanitarian purpose whatever. There reportedly was ten thousand tons of aid goods on board the ships. Israel currently allows fourteen thousand tons of aid goods into Gaza every week.

    The people who organized the flotilla made no pretense there was any purpose but a hostile demonstration against Israel. The people they were acting in aid of were Hamas. Those coming from Turkey, the ones who became violent, were known to have connections with the Taliban.

    If you were the Israeli government, would it not be stupid and remiss to permit a shipment that could very well have contained weapons to enter Gaza?

    If there were any scintilla of honesty to the concern for the nine lives lost when the Hamas-allied fighters attacked the Israel boarding party there would have been a much larger uproar when the Sunnis massacred more than 90 Ahmadis at prayer in two mosques in Lahore.

    Since there was no uproar about the loss of ninety lives, none whatever, there is no reason at all to attribute the uproar over the nine lives to anything but anti-Israel racism. How else can one explain the difference.

    If all you are going to do is deny racism, without offering an explanation for the difference, then don't bother.

  12. Christy2:57 PM

    You have some truly twisted logic. Israel allows in a pittance into Gaza, just enough to keep the citizens of that strip a pittance to survive on. I'm not awfully sympathetic with the aid workers, I'm all aware of the self righteous college types that were on the flotilla. But you cannot honestly sit there and compare Israeli commando's firing guns with Turkish students using a slingshot.

    And you seem to ignore the fact that the raid was an act of piracy on international waters.

  13. Slingshot? An iron pipe is not a slingshot. A knife is not a slingshot. A bat is not a slingshot. A firebomb is not a slingshot. And a pistol is not a slingshot.

    If you are going to start from denying the facts and photographs, then you have (as usual) no argument.

  14. Christy3:49 PM

    They got their pistol from an Israeli soldier. Firebomb? First I've heard of it. Their knives could be present in any typical kitchen, considering the size of the crew on that ship the presence of 'knives' is hardly surprising. It was a rabble crowd which grabbed whatever was handy. It wasn't smart, but at the end of the day their ship was attacked in international waters by pirates.

    And you seem to ignore the fact that the raid was an act of piracy on international waters. Is Israel allowed to do whatever it likes?

  15. Christy, your calling the Israeli Navy "pirates" is just your calling names because you have no argument. You just admitted you knew about the iron pipes, the knives, the bats, the pistols, but not the firebombs.

    Yet you claimed they had only slingshots. You just proved in front of everyone that you are a liar.

    Why would you throw away what little shred of dignity you might have in support of what you know not to be true? It is because you are a bigot and a racist, isn't it? Because you dislike the Israelis so much that you are willing to make a fool of yourself rather than admit the facts, even as you yourself know them.

  16. Christy6:12 PM

    I know they say that understatement is wasted on an American, but you really are a caricature, aren't you? Re-read my sentance again, I really don't know how you deduced what you seemed to deduce by my asking you whether you think sling shots (AS AN EXAMPLE) are comparable to guns.

    And the issue of piracy (IE, boarding a civilian vessel in international waters during peacetime) will not go away just because it displeases you.

  17. Damien, I am rejecting outright racist invective. There are only so many times I and my friends need to read, "filthy covetous Jew bastard" until they've read it enough. If that is too much censorship for you, perhaps you can suggest some better idea?

  18. Christy6:53 PM

    Why did you not put up my comment?

  19. Christy, the reason I am in no hurry to post your comments is that it is no coincidence that you reappeared at the exact moment your "Abood" character disappeared. I liked you more when you did not disguise your racism and bigotry under sham arguments. You really are a slimy little bastard.

  20. Damien, send me your email address and I will forward you some of the comments posted by your little pal Christy under the name "Abood".

    He not only screwed you and your friends out of your deposit and then lied about it, he blew the cover on your bigotry and racism by admitting it.

  21. Christy4:01 AM

    Have you any proof that I am Abood? That is an awful accusation. I follow your blog regularly (God knows why) Jack, for the last number of weeks I never bothered commenting because it was inundated with trolls and extremists, I didn't feel like getting involved in that. Once you introduced moderation I felt more comfertable posting again.

    As for the deposits, we all know you're full of shit. Ever find that 'stolen' cd collection?

  22. No, dear boy, it was you who inadvertently explained it with your Abood comments.

    It wasn't all seven of you who vandalized my house. It was in all likelihood only one or two. But all seven of you lost your deposit. And the other six or seven knew full well who the main vandal was. It was you Christy.

    And they asked you to pay them the money you had lost them by your childishness and thinking it was cute to stomp chewing gum into my handmade Persian carpets.

    I held you and your friends responsible for what was mainly your actions by keeping your deposit (which did not cover the cost of cleaning the rugs, let alone all the other damage, you little prick.)

    When your friends also held you responsible and wanted you to reimburse them for losing them their deposit, you refused. You rationalized your having screwed your friends by saying this and that about "the covetous Jew."

    Your six friends were not impressed with your racist mouthings and hold you in thinly veiled contempt to this day, don't they?

    You both can't bring yourself to repay them and can't admit that their losing their deposit was your fault. That would be too much like taking responsibility like an adult wouldn't it?

    So instead of taking responsibility and acting like a grown-up, you continue to vent your childish despair at your inadequacy and inability to do the right thing. You haven't even apologized to them, let alone paying them back.

    To this day you feel uncomfortable meeting them don't you? And they aren't so much your friends as before, are they?

    So instead you rage at "the covetous Jew" because you are in despair about "the worthless Christy".

    My suggestion is that you grow a pair, as we say, and start paying your friends back the deposit you lost them. They will regard it as belated and insufficient but you will feel better about yourself. Start doing it now.

  23. The comic is so funny. Every time I read it I laugh. :)

  24. Christy5:56 PM

    You're so full of shit and are an absolute terrible windup. I'm just after coming back from a night out with 3/7 of the said people, you really need to work on your wind ups. This is embarassing stuff.

  25. Christy9:31 PM

    Damien - I was saving that for a good moment you cunt! Ah well, he knows now. We all enjoyed that Jack. 20 quid or so on a dirty porno. I believe it was called 'bad ass booty #4'. Nice.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Jasmin11:37 AM

    Jack, is it morally acceptable to shoot someone in self-defense when the person being defended is merely a Jew rat with no rights a Muslim is bound to respect? You know it isn't.

    Why must you Jews keep insisting it is when we all know it isn't?

  28. Christy11:59 AM

    Slingshots and stones, knives and daggers, metal bars, wooden clubs and batons, hammers and pipe wrenches. Surely you don't claim anyone has ever been harmed, let alone killed with any of those?

    It's not like the King of the Jews David didn't kill Goliath with one, but if Jews like David can use them to kill their enemies why shouldn't peace activists?

    And the knives could have been kitchen knives, though admittedly they did look a lot like the traditional Turkish kris short sword and others were NATO military issue fighting knives used for hand to hand combat. But they COULD have been used as kitchen knives. And since these were peace activists, surely that is what they were intended for.

    I'm still objecting to the footage that shows the peace activists attacking the Israeli soldiers with iron pipes, clubs, fighting knives, short swords, strong slingshots, and even trying in one case to lynch one of the soldiers. This footage was shown to make it look like the Israelis were right in claiming the peace activists were liars and the people who believed them were dupes. This USE of the footage is pro-Israel propaganda. This is completely contrary to the established narrative and is wrong on that basis alone, if not on others.

    Honestly, those bloody Turkish students with their medieval weapons. Who could they hurt with those? If I were a commando armed with a bullet proof vest, a handgun, electric gun, and grenades, and admittedly orders to avoid harming anyone even at risk of one's own life, I'd be worried too.

  29. Christy1:08 PM

    Jack, thank you for correcting my spelling errors.

  30. Christy1:25 PM

    Thank you for editing my comments for errors of spelling, grammar, and fact. It is kind and forgiving of you to do it in spite of my having vandalized your beautiful handmade Persian carpets.

  31. Christy2:29 PM

    I forgot to apologize for the big dirty wank I had over the porno I bought on your comcast account.

    Even though it was summer in San Francisco every young woman in the area immediately picked up on what a loser I am. Not one of them would give me the time of day, let alone sleep with me. So I wound up masturbating on the couch in front of a cheesy Comcast porno.

    The other boys in our group including Damien, with their Irish brogues had no trouble getting laid. And there I was, all by myself dirtying your sofa and then refusing to admit it because I was so ashamed.

  32. Christy4:23 PM

    Yes. And I while I was a guest in your house I admit I pawed through your personal correspondence. I found a highly personal letter of yours in one of your books. The one from an ex girlfriend saying she was sorry that you and she had parted? She went on considerably about your charm and wit. (You'd be surprised how much we know about your past adventures) We also enjoyed chatting with your neighbours, who genuinely thought you were surprisingly modest for such an accomplished intellectual. They were all sorry you were so reclusive.

    Is that why you're an intriguing single man living alone in a big house? Because of your reclusiveness?

    You remind me of Christopher Hitchens, without the antisemitism.

  33. I am curious about the quality of the Irish people. What is the residue after everybody with any brains or character left for America? Does that explain the quality of Christy and Damien as people?

  34. Christy8:54 AM

    Now in moment of self-reflection, it occurs to me that perhaps this attitude explains my social and romantic isolation? Perhaps that is why I wound up alone watching second-rate porno and masturbating, while my friends were out getting involved with attractive young women?

    It must be terribly unattractive to women be around a young man with such a sense of entitlement and so little justification for it. Maybe insolence and arrogance aren't as attractive as I had hoped?

    Oh well, there are always more porno movies and my right hand is getting stronger with continued exercise.