Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Silence of the Swine

Pakistani police commandos outside one of the mosques attacked by gunmen in Lahore on Friday
More than 80 Ahmadi Muslims have been killed and at least 110 wounded in machine gun attacks by orthodox Sunni Muslims in Lahore. The attack was universally understood as an act of Sunni Muslim bigotry and hatred against the minority Ahmadi Muslim community in Pakistan, which numbers some 2 million people.

American leftists, conscious that the United States supports the orthodox Sunni Muslim Pakistani regime with billions of dollars of military and economic aid, poured into the streets all over America. "Not in my name!" they shouted. Code Pink carried signs demanding an immediate end to US aid to Pakistan. Millions marched with raised fists and angrily denounced Pakistani war crimes. Campuses erupted with student leftist demands for divestment from Pakistan.

K-Mart and Wal-Mart stores carrying Pakistani-made garments saw lines of chanting pickets from ANSWER and ISM.

A spokesman for UC Students for Justice in Pakistan announced their intention to infiltrate Pakistani student organizations in order to Build A Movement. He went on to denounce Pakistani student criticism of SJP for singling out Pakistan as, "Paki propaganda". He added, criticism of Pakistan is not Pakistaniphobia", as he and his fellow SJP members burned a Pakistani flag.

No, wait. Except for the massacre, none of that happened.

In other news, the death toll in Mexico's drug wars rose to 1,000 for 2010 alone, and to an estimated 23,000 overall. American campuses, which consume a substantial fraction of the drugs shipped from Mexico and are thus themselves directly implicated in the murders, remained strangely quiescent.


  1. Wahalla11:28 AM

    In my country (Uzbekistan) we had similar problem, a number of students protest but our government put them down with sub machine guns, it was glorious day.

  2. Wahalla, is there no end to you trolling little pricks? Why don't you go back to watching television and drinking diet coke and leave the adults alone?

  3. Wahalla2:56 AM

    Im sorry, i come across your blog as I looked in google for Jihad and Jew and I was directed here. You post about it a lot so I thought maybe you were a Jihadi Jew, nonetheless, I am glad I found you, you make interesting points, you are more than welcome to join our organisation, i only hope someday that you convert to Islam, you would make a great rhetorician for our glorious movement.

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM

    You go Wahalla!

  5. Mohammed Jihad10:51 AM

    Wahalla, you make a joke of the Jihad, how dare you make a joke of the most holiest and righteous way of life. This blog is litter with vermin, none more so than Jack.

  6. Wahalla11:28 AM


    You are insidious and I see you for what you are! If Kessler converts he would be excellent public relations expert for our organisation. You too must see this.

  7. I would like to see Kessler convert. Because it would also be the day hell freezes over.

  8. Islam is not appealing while professing to be a religion of peace and mutual respect while in fact being a religion of violence and intolerance.

    The classic example is the Indian independence movement. The Hindus, led by Mahatma Ghandi, fought the British with non-violence and satyagraha (translated as 'loving firmness').

    The Muslims, led by Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, fought the British by bombing passenger trains crowded with both Hindus and Muslims.

    Given a choice, who would want to side with the mass murderers of the Muslims rather than the moral examplars of the Hindus?

    Islam seems most often to appear as a system of rationalizing the violence and criminality of Muslims. Not particularly admirable.

  9. Wahalla11:54 AM

    I should also add that my movement is a non violent movement, addicted to peaceful protest against injustice, but I hardly expect you, Kessler, to understand this, considering your violent disregard for human life and your mute-ness over the sickening murder and war crimes of murderous apartheid evil demonic state of Israel, which is completely bankrupt morally, and deserves only the contempt of the world.

  10. Hi Wahalla,
    I am ever so-curious as to why your non-violent friends aboard the flotilla were armed with iron pipes, knives, and slingshots? I am curious about your own silence about the massacre of the Ahmadis in Pakistan? I am curious about your silence in the face of the fact that there could be no Israeli blockade if there was not also an Egyptian blockade of Gaza's southern border?

    There will be no comments permitted to stay here that do not address the left and Muslim ignoring the Egyptian blockade and silence in the face of the massacre of 80 unarmed Ahmadis? No comment will be accepted that does not address what was nonviolent about a group armed with pipes, knives, and strong slingshots.

    If you've got a case, make it. If not, shut your stupid mouth.

  11. Trolls, what part of "If you have nothing to say, you should shut your stupid mouth." did you not understand?

  12. Wahalla/Abood, I repeat, what part of "Shut your stupid mouth." did you not understand?

  13. David Pelfrey8:59 PM

    Wahalla/Abood - surely you both are in contact with some adherent to Islam that might address both the Egyptian blockade as well as the Wahabist massacre of 80 unarmed Ahmadis.

    I would be interested in hearing from some other Islamist voice that does not necessarily agree Wahabi extremism.