Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Times Square Bomber

[Faisal Shahzad]

From today's New York Times -
"Mr. Shahzad, a 30-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen, was born in Pakistan."
Maybe people like him shouldn't be naturalized?


  1. Admirer of Fascism4:40 PM

    How would you go about this exactly? Refuse to naturalise anyone with a Muslim sounding name?

  2. A of F, even though you are a moron, you occasionally ask a good question. There are two ways this can be done.

    One is a background check. If you apply for a job as a security guard, you have to submit to a check that you are not a felon. If you apply for a job attending to children you must submit to a background check that you are not a sex offender. To drive trains you must show that you are not an alcoholic or drug user.

    In America we rely mainly on public law-abidingness rather than fear of the police to maintain order. So it makes little sense to admit people to the country who are neither law-abiding nor fear the police. People, who on the basis of their background and past records can be expected not to respect our laws, or indeed any secular laws, ought not to be admitted.

    Further, our immigration law used to provide immigration quotas for each country. Later the system was revamped to change the focus from nation-of-origin to job skills. Which was a covert admission that the basis of immigration policy has always been to regulate the labor supply.

    In an age when Muslim bombings have become commonplace, we must inquire into someone's propensity to kill her neighbors as well as into her programming skills.

    And we should not pretend away the obvious. Given a choice between equally unqualified applicants from Brazil and from Pakistan, admit the Brazilian. Admit the Chinese, admit the Hindu, admit the Ukrainian, admit the Togolese, admit the Mexican, the Guatemalan. Admit anyone and everyone who does not have a predilection for killing her neighbors.

  3. What do you do about the natural born U.S. citizens that are converting to Muslim and being trained to kill their own fellow citizens? And why was Faisal so much better looking in his AOL portrait? And what would NYC do without all the Muslim taxi drivers? I met a very nice one yesterday who lives in Queens with his parents, brother and his family and his wife and kids. They are from Pakistan and love it here. Otherwise, I agree with you.

  4. Elaine, people already in the country whether citizens or not, have rights under the Constitution and our laws. People who are neither citizens nor to be found in the US have no such rights. It gets lost in the shuffle that no one has a right to immigrate to the US.

    Once here, however objectionable a worthless prick the person is (such as, say, Admirer of Fascism), they have legal and constitutional rights. Which means that one has a right to a fair trial by jury, right to counsel, to confront witnesses, to due process, equal protection, and so on.

    But whether native or naturalized, one does not have a right to plant a bomb in Times Square. Whether native or naturalized, you get to spend a loooong time in the shithole for doing that. You just get a fair trial before you go.

    Faisal Shahad has confessed, so one issue in his trial will be whether the confession was obtained legitimately. If it stands up in court, he goes away.

    Even without it, there is a ton of evidence against him. The main source of the evidence, the car and the explosives, did not vanish in a violent explosion as he expected. So even without the confession, he goes away.

    My guess about the reason for the cute pictures of him in the media is that they did not want to prejudice potential jurors against him. If 'poisoning the jury pool' by negative publicity can be shown, the conviction may be overturned on appeal.

    In the lunatic thug picture I selected, he is obviously guilty of whatever he is charged with, no matter what the charges are. So they published a cute smiling clean-shaven picture so his attorneys would not have that to appeal on.

    As to the cab drivers, anybody can be polite and friendly when she is hoping for a tip.

  5. Christy8:16 AM

    You are so clueless. America has witnessed less than half a dozen 'Islamic' terrorist attacks on its mainland in the last decade. And for that you wish to clamp down on anyone with a foreign name and who professes a certain religion. I hate to invoke Godwin's law, but this kind of hysteria and rabble rousing is exactly the same kind of crap the Nazi party perfected in the 1930s.

  6. So, Christy, your notion is that putting 'quotes' around 'Islamic' makes the attacks not Islamic? Does it matter to you that each and every one of the perpetrators insisted that they were 'Islamic' attacks? Of course not.

    Because you have it as an article of your religious faith that Muslims are not responsible for what they do, no matter what. And why not? If you were to honestly examine you cramped and twisted little subconscious (which of course you won't, perhaps can't) you would find it is that they are exotics and inferior.

    When Ian Paisley and his friends whacked people around, were you putting quotes around 'Protestant'? I don't think so. Not exotic and inferior enough. Same with Jews. Not exotic enough and certainly not inferior. No quotes around 'Zionist' for them.

    It is part and parcel of the dishonesty of your argument that you are sneering at arguments I did not make. I propose no clamping down on anyone, just restricted immigration. We don't owe it to ANYONE to admit them to our country. That is not clamping down, that is declining to extend a favor. Which is something less than Nazi hysteria, isn't it?

  7. And as a separate matter, you wrote that we have suffered "less than half a dozen 'Islamic' attacks" in the in the US in the last decade. That number ignores the considerably larger number of 'Islamic' attacks our police and intelligence services have thwarted in cooperation with Canadian, British, French, and Israeli police and intelligence services.

    Just how many 'Islamic' attacks should we suffer before expecting our government to do something to protect the society from further attacks? You seem to think the number is higher than half a dozen. Curiously, we whose lives are involved think the number should be a little lower, down around none.

    We think that even one attack causing the deaths of three thousand American in downtown Manhattan is enough. Many of us would go so far as to say we don't think putting 'quotes' around 'Islamic' is a sufficient response from our government.

    Admittedly the 'Quotes are not enough' crowd are a lunatic fringe and generally considered victims of Nazi hysteria.

  8. Abood4:14 AM

    I understand what you means Kessler, if not agrees with it. My mothers country (Yemen) recentlys expelled number of Jews who guilty of theft and usury, thankfully these Jews now reside in London, even they refused to live in apartheid state Israel.

  9. Hi Abood,
    Your country, Yemen, is well know to have a well-developed and credible court system. Yemens's respect for anyone's rights, let alone the rights of native-born Yemeni Jews, is also well-known.

    I read about that case. The prosecution's case was to scream, "Allahu akhbar!" and sit down. Whereupon the defendants were found guilty and sentenced. In accordance with Yemeni justice.

    What Abood failed to mention about the Jews which Yemen expelled from the country they were born and raised in, is that they still have relatives living in Yemen. The relatives are hostages who would be in deep trouble in Yemen if those expelled were to go to Israel.

    But then Abood is a good Muslim mindless bigot and facts don't matter to him. In fact, nothing matters to him but his idiocy and bigotry.

  10. Abood1:35 PM

    Excuse me Jack I only offer my opinion, but like typical zionest you would seek to condemn dissenting opinion, withiot debating properlys, I think you are angry confused man.

    The jews who were expelled from Yemen were stealing from their neighbours and stockpiling their monies secretly and distributing said monies to nearby jewish synagogue,w hic purchases huge golden ornaments with stolen monies. You clearly don't know what you talk about Jew, you would naturally defend your own kind, stretching truth to lies, worse than a bedouin goat.

    You wish to repress muslims because they see through your jew lies, I for one can see through your lies, please do not lie as I am immune to your zionest lies, you filthy cur.

  11. Very well done Abood. I admit you had me going for a while there. I did think you were a moronic Arab. But now I see that you are actually merely a juvenile troll. Sayonara.

  12. Abood5:48 AM

    Why do you censor my views Jew?

  13. Sorry, ABood, no trolls allowed.

  14. Abood7:31 AM

    May the goats of a thousand hills descend on your home to curse you for eternity.

  15. OK, I will make an exception for your being a troll on the rare occasion when you are interesting or, as in this case, funny.

  16. Abood9:29 AM

    Do not call me troll Jew, your people troll the Palestinian people by construction of wall, you are murder of my brothers, you jew, you covetous jew.

  17. I am compelled to momentarily forgive Abood his being a juvenile troll, because he is being what the Communists used to call, "a useful idiot".

    I am glad you brought up the wall. Have you all noticed that since the construction of the security fence / wall there have been no more suicide bombings in Israel? Surely a coincidence.

    And of course Abood refers to its construction as the murder of his brothers, when the real-life function of the fence / wall has been to prevent the murder of mine.

    Thanks Abood for the opportunity to bring this up.

  18. You lier, wall constructed so as to consolidate stolen lands of muslim, Kessler is apologist for murderous regime which kill muslim and take land theirs, Kessler is what we call in our homeland 'Jew', being synonomous with murder rape and plunder, much like the picture of the Viking warrior, the jew take land not theirs, steal it, create class of muslim jew to show world, while they treat muslim like slave. I see through your lies Kessler. i am not anti jew because I myself have jewish blood, how could I be anti semitic. And you who is troll, you murderous troll of my brothers, may you suffer in eternity for your war crimes.

  19. Hey Abood, if you Muslims are so superior to everyone, how come the Jews always kick your asses across the parking lot?

    And the Indians always whip the Pakistanis? And the Russians the Chechens? And the Chinese the Uighurs and Hui? And the British the Malays? And on and on? If you guys are so great, why are you always such losers?

    If it weren't for finding oil, you guys would still be eating dirt and making love to camels. Wait, even with the oil.... :o)

  20. Abood, I am sorry you wasted all that typing, but what part of "no trolls" didn't you understand? You are not fooling anyone - you are merely some suburban twit, probably in the bainlieu of Greater Los Angeles - trolling because you hope your pals in high school will be impressed and you will not seem quite as much of a loser. Here is the great insight for you Abood - the friends you are trying to impress are as much a bunch of losers as you are.

    Why not just admit that you are a permanently virgin dork, that your grades will never improve so long as you spend your waking hours playing Halo, trolling, and whacking off, and that you are never going to get into UCLA or anyplace else worth going. You are going to go to and then drop out of community college and then work in a 7-11 until you're thirty and then at Best Buy until you're 50. You will live in a rented room. You won't even be able to keep a steady gay boyfriend because of your poor hygiene habits. After that you will just drift around, talking to yourself on park benches.

    But it will all be worth it because you got to pretend to be cool by trolling and annoying actual adults.

  21. Abood3:04 PM

    Excuse me Jew, I suppose I should say i am surprised but instead I am shocked by the levels of your prejudice. It may surprise you but muslims are among some of the most gay friendly peoples in the worlds, I am offended by your homophobic and bigoted statements. Furthermore Jew, I spent last summer in Somalia, working on behalf of a telecoms company, part of my job description was working with a local Islamic group who formed the actual government int he area, I will not have you deride my brothers, they do good jobs, you make me sick jew, you make me sick as your create this image of a typical decadant American lifestyle, i refuse that lifestyle, I live in Saudi Arabia where man is free, not like in America where small number of jew control everything and direct public confidence behind murderous apartheid state, I refuse to live in such a place as america, i am arab i am muslim i am not decadant american, i am not slave of jew.

  22. Anonymous3:19 PM


    I for one am greatly relieved that you do not choose to live in such a place as America.

  23. Abood, assuming for the moment the possibility I am mistaken you for being a teenage troll, and that you really are the moronic Arab you purport to be, how would you explain the fact that decadent America, enslaved by Jews, is the model of the world, economic colossus, home and democracy, cultural paragon to all.

    When you were in Somalia, what language did you and the Somalis speak to one another? Why is it that you spoke English rather than Arabic or Somali? Why do you see American movies, read American books, listen to American music, and not the other way around? Why does so much of the world depend on American technology, American food, American science? Who reads an Arab book? Why does all the world discuss American ideas? Why do our ideas and politics shape the modern world and not yours?

    What you are so proud of is your ability to momentarily delay the flood of our culture into the backwaters of even primitive places like the Arabian peninsula.

    Did your people build Jeddah or did ours? Do your people even operate the oilfields in your country? Or do ours?

    You can scream and gnash your teeth and deny and curse. But you and your civilization are a minor fossil that we are in the process of crushing underfoot. And the sooner you are gone the better it will be for everyone, including you and your fellow Arabs.

    Our science and technology are already in the process of making petroleum obsolete. The work is going on at MIT an UT, Austin and many other places. When oil is no longer worth the expense of pumping it out of the ground, what will Arabia be?

    Within a decade your country will regress to the same primitive tribes you were in the time of Ibn Saud. Except there will be a prolonged period of starvation as your population declines back to what it was in 1932.

    We'll gladly stick to our dynamic social order with its explosive egalitarianism and democracy. You can go back to kissing the asses of the Saudi princes for fear of being arrested now, Abood.

  24. Abood1:42 AM

    You lier, my culture is the richest of the world, the light of the middle ages when Europe was fundamentalist and cruel, there were libraries, scribes, scientists and artists throughout the middle ages, my culture was at the summit of all the worlds cultures, you are filthy barbarian who eat hot dog and drink coca cola jew, your average calorie intake is 6000 a day, most of your people will die with obesity epidemic, few of your people read books, every Arab child reads widely, from arab scholars to Gibbon, from arab novelists to Dickens. Our culture has class and diversity, yours has homogenity and bigotry, I wouldn't expect you to understand as you come from a decadant culture where all the architecture is the same, where the biggest aspiration is material things, which are inherently worthless, and your modern 'high' culture revolves around worthless and pointless post modernism, which means nothing,.

    So do not lecture me on culture, you degenerate yankee. The arab people have more class in their little toes than the American people with all their Nascars and big macs could manage in an eternity, you jackal.

  25. Abood1:45 AM

    And yes, I do not deny that your 'civilisation' tries to crush us underfoot, because America is the great satan and arab nationalists like me will never allow you to crush us underfoot, like your imperial slaves. Some day will arrive soon when the conscience on the world will turn against you, much like the Casement report of 1904 turned the world against Belgium.

  26. OK, I stand corrected. You may not be an LA troll or even an American troll. You might be Irish or British. Give us a hint "Abood". When you look up from the bridge you live under, are the people driving on the right or the left?

    As to the superiority of Muslim culutre, did you notice that it is of so little interest that the little troll could not name a single Muslim author? Not one? His idea of education is Gibbon and Dickens, which suggests he is a pimply Brit with bad teeth and a gender problem or some drunken nit of an Irishman who lost his job in the bubble and has nothing better to do all day than troll, drink bad beer, and make the sheets sticky.

    Why are you so persistent "Abood"? You are already busted. Are you embarrassed because you have some doofus name like 'Kevin' or 'Brian'? Don't feel bad. Your parents were boring dullards and they correctly expected you to be one too, so they gave you an appropriate name.

    So why don't you go back to watching your team lose on the telly while filling your gob with chips, and leave the adults alone?

  27. Abood9:23 AM

    You are typical american bully, using sarcasm instead of reason, i can name a thousand islamic thinkers and authors, my people have produced more cultural icons than yours in all eternity, you are sick, you are sick man, I am not going to play your imperial games jew.

    I could say i enjoy writings of Mark Twain, but he exception, most american writers were decadant hippies, i renounce your culture jew.

  28. Abood9:23 AM

    You are great satan

  29. Actually, no, you cannot name even one Arab author because you are an obnoxious get whose life has pretty much run its course in your early twenties. You weren't that bright in school and have no education to speak of and no skills, and now you have lost even the crappy job you had. You are living with your parents again, aren't you Rory?

    You can't even blame capitalism or the world economy for your losing your job because you were fired for being a lazy incompetent, weren't you, Clive?

    But don't worry, I have a friend in Silicon Valley who says 'Halo: Labyrinth' will be out soon and you will be able to give your right wrist a rest for a while.

  30. You are typical jew lier, I am abood abinasi, son of a great shiekh, a scholar of Islamic law, a humanitarian, a great man, do not accuse me of being american jackal, an oppressor of my brothers, you are scum, you lie, you make lies, you accuse me of these things, if you like i show you my home in Saudi Arabia and my mothers home in Yemen - oh waits, you are jew, you may not be liked much there :) typical jew, covetous jew, I will not listen to you, your lies are atrocious, i renounce your lies, you lier of lies.

  31. Sure, sure, Kyle. Where are you? Bristol? Leeds? Saint Louis? Kilkenny? Don't worry, we won't tell anyone what a worthless schmuck you are. It's not your fault that you were born half-smart, smarmy, cynical, and lazy. No one blames you for being useless. It's just bad luck.

  32. Abood2:05 PM

    You dirty ROTTEN JEW LIER WHO TELLS LIES! I am not from any of these english places you LIEING JEW I will NOT TOLERATE YOUR INCESSANT LIES you mkae me angry you jew, i will not accept you jew, you lie, you tell jew lies, YOU LIE LIKE A JEW ON BEDOUIN SHEEP PISS you lie you JEW

  33. Careful there, Trevor, you might break your CapsLk key with all that fake indignation.

    But I am intrigued by your interest in the backsides of sheep. Tell me, are you someplace with a lot of sheep? Scotland? Or have I underestimated you? Are you actually a teen-age Aussie ram buggerer dying of boredom and acne in an especially tedious part of Queensland?

    If you are, having been a bored teenager myself once, I feel for you as feelingly as you feel for your woolly bedmates.

  34. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Hooray, it has been almost two hours without a post by Abood or Jack! Let's hope the trend continues. By the way, I vote for Abood coming from LA, the city not the state. Come on folks, cast your votes...where does Abood come from?

  35. Abood4:28 PM

    listen here jew, stop saying i hail from england or scotland, i am great saudi and proud, i will not tolerate you deriding my families, you will apologise for your insults, i do not like insults, i hope you apologise as i do not like insults.

  36. Anonymous6:10 PM

    You and Abood are quite entertaining. I think Abood comes from Mississippi.

  37. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Actually I think Abood and Jack are the same person.

  38. Anonymous (1) may be right. If "Abood" is from Mississippi, he would be not a troll but a traaaawwwwlll.

    Anonymous (2) gives me too much credit. I could not easily have invented the "Abood" character. Whoever the little troll is, he is artful and persistent. Though he is a little heavy on the makeup and inconsistent in the syntax and vocabulary. Still, it is a decent job for a pimply retard who failed his "O" levels or never got to them.

  39. Abood6:02 AM

    Kesslers this is your lasts chance, apologse for saying i come from england, i not english, i saudi man, i hate you, i hate you for all of your crimes you bastard

  40. Anonymous8:17 AM

    You better apologse Kessler. He sounds scary. He sounds like he will give you a good spanking.

  41. Oh no, Abood! And all this time I thought we were pals. More fool I.

  42. I notice you not apologises, we muslims are forgiving people, once you apologise we forgive and move on, we enter new epoch in our relationship you covetous jew

  43. Richard you are becoming a bore. You are not the least convincing as "Abood" for a dozen reasons which I am not going to explain to you. This is your last comment.

  44. Abood5:00 PM

    explain yourself jew

  45. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Abood was last seen in his '76 Ford Pinto traveling to CA to demand Kessler give him an apologse.

  46. Nick Danger4:32 AM

    I confess. Abood was me all along.

  47. Anonymous11:19 AM

    And I was Nick Danger all along.

  48. And I must admit that there were times when I was Anonymous.

  49. Anonymous11:28 AM

    And I am Jack.

  50. And I confess too. Anonymous was me.

  51. David Ben-Gurion12:04 PM

    And 'Jack Kessler' was really me.

  52. "Abood said...

    explain yourself jew"

    No, Steve, I am not going to explain what made it obvious that you are a crappy little troll.

    But I will tell you the wrong assumption behind your technique of trolling. You are assuming that you are smart and others are stupid.

    In fact it is the other way around. It is because you are an intellectually bankrupt little twit with nothing worthwhile going on in your head that you are trolling at all.

  53. Abood3:55 PM

    Allah Jihad. You must apologise you covetous jew.

  54. 'Enry, now you are just making yourself ridiculous.

  55. I think a good name for him should be Aboob. Or maybe not, I think that Jack actually likes Aboob.

  56. Tooboobs are even better.