Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cloak-and-Dagger Chief Stabbed in Alley

[Director of Intelligence Dennis Blair]

From today's New York Times --
[Forced-out Director of Intelligence Dennis] Blair's often blunt style was seen by some as a source of candour, but it irked others in a White House that prizes staying on message, officials said.
We are once again on left on our own in figuring out if "...a White House that prizes staying on message..." is the Times' editorializing in a news article? Or is it what the White House officials said?

Given that the overall remark is that the White House doesn't care for candour (though either it or the Times does favor pompous British spellings) it is not likely that the White House was candid enough to admit that it doesn't care for candor. Given the Times' well-founded reputation for mistaking its staff's opinions for facts and news, it is more likely that it was the "reporter" saying so.

Even so, the fact that the "reporter" is making up the "news" does not automatically make her wrong.

A White House that stays on message is a bunch of regimented team player liars who cannot be trusted. So much for the new broom sweeping the rascals out. Good thing we got rid of the lowlife Bush administration in favor of these "altruistic" scumbags.

It is no news that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But shouldn't it take longer than 16 months? Or, not giving them the benefit of the doubt, isn't it more likely they were corrupt in the first place?

The June primaries are coming up in a few weeks. Be sure to vote for the corrupt cynical lying bastards of your choice.



  1. Jasmin10:00 AM

    I would only vote in the dump known as America if my representitive supported the immediate destruction of Israel.

  2. Jasmin, apparently another juvenile troll (Why are there so many of you childish little morons?), and speaking to your pretend identity as Jasmin, there are flights leaving daily for Damascus, Riyadh, Teheran, and Libya, and Khartoum. Feel free to be on one.