Sunday, August 01, 2010

Non-Surprise of the Year

[Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen in a scene from "Dinner with Schmucks"]

P.A. offers Irish activists honorary citizenship

The Palestinian Authority has granted travel documents and honorary citizenship to Irish anti-Israel activists who participated in a Gaza aid flotilla.

A spokesman for the General Delegation of Palestine in Ireland confirmed the offer and said passports and honorary citizenship had been offered to all activists who were on the May 31 flotilla, according to a report in the Irish Times.

Eight Irish citizens and one Irish-registered vessel, the MV Rachel Corrie, were part of the six-ship convoy that tried to reach Gaza from Turkey two months ago. Some of the Irish citizens were held after Israeli forces detained the ships. --jta

Gazans who launch rockets against Israeli civilians are "activists" too. The Irish went there to help them kill Jewish civilians. But somehow that doesn't make them anti-semites. I don't quite see it, but then the Irish can talk themselves into any sort of thing, even when they're sober.


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  1. Christy2:46 PM

    Our Taoiseach isn't the prettiest man alive, I'll grant you that.