Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still Here

[Yet another problem with Windows]

None of the handymen I called have returned my calls so my departure is delayed until I replace the upper frame on a double-hung window upstairs myself.

The window frame is badly deteriorated and there is a gap of half an inch between the glass and the wood. Following Harvey's example at Joaquin Miller Court I had put a pane of soundproof glass in the upper sash. Over the course of a decade its weight had slowly moved ever downward through the softened and deteriorated wood of the frame. It is just dumb luck that it hasn't collapsed entirely yet. There is now a gap of almost an inch between the wood and the glass.

The rainy season will be here soon so I cannot leave until the window is fixed. I am intimidated by the prospect of taking apart a double-hung window because it looks complicated. To make it less intimidating, I have analyzed what needs to be done into 13 steps and written them on a whiteboard. I am going to simplify it by not even attempting to make the upper sash openable. So I won't have to worry about counterweights and ropes and pulleys. Upper sashes are rarely opened even when they work.

But once that is done I will be untethered and free to fly away.

While I was writing this, the family that will be here all Fall have arrived. They are now bustling around in the house and their little one is experimenting with banging on the electric spinet.

I don't think of myself as lonely in any way but it is nice to hear the sounds of a family on the other side of the pocket doors and comforter sound curtains I put up.


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