Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Black Hole

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  1. peggy1:32 AM

    Which side of the door are you on, Jacko?

  2. My father had a saying that in the market the bulls make money and the bears make money. It is the pigs who get screwed. (I have no idea how he knew this since he himself never had two kopecks to rub together.) I have a sufficient distrust of almost every possible process, not to mention an unhealthy level of claustrophobia, that I would not be getting inside any safes for any amount of money whatsoever.

  3. peggy2:40 AM

    As I surmised...

  4. Lolita (the real one)4:38 AM

    Happy Birthday, Jackie dear... only a day late. Are you now eligible for Medicare? or not yet? I hope you have worked out a way to get down off the mountain and can get back where the weather sooths your soul...