Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bombs in the Mail

There have been a series of bombs in cargo airplanes and now in mail to various European embassies, particularly embassies in Athens. In most cases the results were routine evacuate-the-building-call-the-bomb-squad. But one was more interesting --

From today's New York Times --
The blasts in Athens on Tuesday began when personnel at the Swiss Embassy who were aware of the thwarted attacks the day before threw a suspicious package out of the building, according to media reports. It exploded.
One can easily imagine the dialogue. "This package does not look right, Pierre." "You are right, Rolf. What should we do about it?" "Maybe we call and wait for the highly prompt and efficient Greek police?" "Or maybe we put it outside where they can find it more quickly?" "Ja, I think so Pierre." "Should we carry it downstairs and out the front door and onto the lawn?" "Non, I think it would be faster and more efficient to open the window and....[toss]"


"Pierre, you know that Greek doorman we used to have....?"

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