Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Religion of Peace at UCSD



  1. MSA=Muslim Student Assassins = a disgrace to Islam. I have several Muslim Indian friends who have no problem condemning Hezbollah and Hamas, of course these Indian Muslims are more aligned with Sufism.

    As an aside, most of the pro-Palestinian academic Left often cite and support a Palestinian so-called Right of Return to pre-1948 lands.

    What the Left rarely recognizes or discusses is that post-1948, the Arab nations in the region forceably expelled Jewish families and seized their lands without the slightest compensation. The idea being to overwhelm Israel with a Jewish refugee problem. Israel perforce settled these Jewish families within the state of Israel at its own cost without compensation or assistance from the Arab countries responsible.

    Would it not be reasonable for the Left to take the Arabs to task for not resettling Arab refugees? Clearly different and selective logic is applied to Israel.

  2. Madamas3:24 PM

    You make me sick Kessler, you really do. One member of my faith says something stupid and you draw all sorts of conclusions. You are in all ways a simple minded racist obsessed with talk of discrimination and repression. To think a Jew could harbour such mindless hatred after all your people went through. The mind boggles about how such hatred can go on in such a way and so unchallanged.

    And what is worse is that you censor this blog, much like a racist authoritarian regime stifling dissent. Free speech for all!

  3. Hi Madamas,
    Actually if you had bothered to look, I appended no remark, drew no conclusion. I let the clip stand on its own.

    It is you Madamas who drew "all sort of conclusions" isn't it? So perhaps you should look a little closer to home for who is making you sick?

    Actually the young lady in the video clip is simply saying out loud what the Koran says on page after page, what Saudi-funded wahabbi Madrassas teach all over the world, what Muslim mobs in Cairo, Gaza, and Teheran shout in the streets.

    The only thing noteworthy about her is that she is stupid and arrogant enough to say it in the West, instead of following the Koranic doctrine of Taqqiyyah -- lying to the infidels -- as you do.

  4. Note to Jasmin & Madamas,
    Your stupid little Irish fingers are showing through your troll hat.

    Why is it that stupid people seem to always be just smart enough to make themselves think they can fool other people, and stupid enough that they can't. Why is that, Christie?

  5. Or put differently, what part of "Jihad" don't you understand?

  6. And a note to David--
    Contrary to the expectations of the Arab nations that expelled them, the Sephardic refugees did not become a passive burden on the new Israeli state.

    They helped build the land in kibbutzim, served in the army, brought the diamond industry to Haifa, and became the backbone of the Likud and Shas parties. They and their descendants are prominent in every area of Israeli life.

    Better, because they spoke flawless Arabic they became important figures in Mossad.

  7. Hello Jack - Great observation. It is indeed a tribute to resilience in adversity that the Sephardic refugees became so finely woven into the fabric of Israel.

    Nevertheless, the expulsion of these Sephardim post-1948 never seems to factor into any of the Finkelstein-like arguments the European and American left advance when discussing Israeli relations with the Arab world.

    It is yet another example, as you tirelessly point out, of a double-standard in the media when reporting on this history.

    Arab expulsion of the Sephardim was an act of strategic stupidity even by Arab standards. Now these same Arab nations would do well by the Israeli example and undertake to admit Palestinians, perhaps even allocate to them lands and property seized from the Sephardim.

  8. Perhaps just as troubling: it is reported that Jumanah Imad Albahri’s Graduate Student Instructor wrote a few lines in defense of the MSA position stated before Professor Horowitz:

    "This girl is actually my student; I know her to be an intelligent, moral young woman who believes in peace. I do not support any organization that advocates violence against any specific group, nor do I believe that my student would do so. As a peace loving, Catholic teacher, I’m saddened that this speaker–her elder–manipulated the conversation in this fashion to make her look like someone she isn’t, out of an egotistical desire to prove his own point, rather than engaging in a constructive dialogue. A perfect example of why the peace process is limping foward so painfully."(attributed to UCSD Gradutate Student Anita Casavantes Bradford, Source:

    And this purportedly from a UC Graduate Student in History.

    I have never been able to shed my Catholicism: but it is equally true that I understand Catholicism to be something other than itself. It is so deeply imprinted that it forms part of the outdated but irreplaceable structural element of my intellectual landscape. That said, I have had to treat the entire Roman Catholic Religion as a fiction bent out of all semblance to its original origin in Hellenistic magic (or more properly theurgy).

    Because most Catholics are inherently conditioned and hoodwinked with respect to the origins of their religion (they mistakenly adhere to the quaint stories in Acts and the Pauline Epistles and hardly ever know the works in Greek), there is no end in sight to confused and misguided moral pronouncements that travel along the well-rutted cobblestones of Antisemitism.

    Jumanah Imad Albahri’s Graduate Student does not take the time to differentiate her Catholicism from numerous other varieties that would not so readily run to the aid of someone supporting genocide. Catholicism is not in its heart Judaic and did not draw from Judaism any of its major theological constructs; even Catholicism's claim to monotheism is absolutely suspect. To believe otherwise is to totally confuse form with substance.

    To put it another way: if Christianity were truly a child of Judaism, there could never exist an Antisemitic doctrinal component to it. Ponder this. If an intellectual claims to be Catholic and making moral decisions based on orthodox Roman Catholic doctrine, I will show you an intellectual who, wittingly or not, is suffused with Antisemitism.

    The sooner Catholics get back to a true and proper worship of Sol Invictus and adhere to the basic elements of Neoplatonist magic, the sooner they will cease to continually embarrass a large segment of European culture when making moral decisions.

  9. Jasmin5:26 AM

    I love the obsession you have with thinking im Irish, silly dog.

  10. Christie, I continue to be amused by how stupid and obvious you are. You fool no one because you are just too freakin' stupid to conceal yourself. Do you imagine that being a childish troll makes you less of a moron, incompetent, and loser? Still living in mom's basement are you?