Friday, December 31, 2010

Women in Gaza

[Washing the mosque floor after a suicide attack in Darra Adam Khel, Pakistan]

These remarks are the testimony of Doctor Aryeh Eldad, an Israeli specialist in reconstructive surgery.

“I was instrumental in establishing the Israeli National Skin Bank, which is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for everyday needs as well as for wartime or mass casualty situations. This skin bank is hosted at the Hadassah Ein Kerem University hospital in Jerusalem where I was the chairman of plastic surgery.

This is why I was asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza, who was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital in Beersheba after her family burned her. Usually, such atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of having an affair.

We supplied all the needed homografts for her treatment. She was successfully treated by my friend and colleague Professor Lior Rosenberg, and discharged to return to Gaza. She was invited for regular follow up visits to the outpatient clinic in Beersheba.

One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt. She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where they saved her life. It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would forgive her.”


No Pants Day on BART

Full details will be published tomorrow January 1.

It will be a high point in pointless behavior.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

El Cerrito Again

random lines

Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
Home is the hunter, home from the hill,
Home is the wanderer, home from the road.

And the end of all our wandering
is that we shall return
to where we began
and see it again for the first time.

Speaking Truth to Power

The man who answered the question, Colonel Allen West, was elected to Congress in November to represent Florida's 22nd congressional district. He will be the first African-American Republican congressman to represent Florida since 1870.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Why I Love and Respect the New Yorker

I have just now read Hendrik Hertzberg's Comment in the November 29 "New Yorker", titled "Puppetry".

Hertzberg's screed is an attack on Glenn Beck for trashing liberal billionaire and full-time enemy of Israel, George Soros. That Beck is a buffoon does not make Soros not a villain. Nor does it make Hertzberg not Beck's mirror image.

I found it interesting that Hertzberg suggests that George Soros is NOT an enemy of Israel. And calls Glenn Beck's implication that he is, "lies told by innuendo". Which curiously is precisely what Hertzberg himself did in implying the reverse.

For this we have not Hertzberg's or Beck's groundless assertions, but Soros's own admission in action. Soros was recently revealed to be the main funder of J Street, an organization which claims to be friendly to Israel but opposes it in everything and sides with the Arabs in every case.

Soros and J Street both concealed and both explicitly lied in public about J Street being primarily funded by Soros. The reason for the lying was that both recognized that if Soros were seen as behind J Street, that J Street's pretense of friendliness toward Israel would be seen as laughable by anyone familiar with Soros.

Now that J Street is seen as a screen for Soros, it has become toast in the Jewish community and its staff are now looking for other jobs.

The depth of Soros's animosity can be seen in how easily his reputation could be diffused by a gift of a few million dollars, a pittance to a billionaire, to an Israeli university or hospital or orphanage. But he can't do it for the same reasons the King of Saudi Arabia can't -- because he is really and truly bigoted against Israel, including its universities, hospitals, and orphanages.

Which Hertzberg knows full well. Which makes him, like Beck, a liar by innuendo.

It is a curious feature of mirrors that they reverse left and right. Which is why, when Henrik Hertzberg looks in the mirror, he sees Glenn Beck.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Two Lowest Forms of ....

The toilet in an RV works much the same way as the toilet in a house. Each is basically a large pipe into a disposal area. Even though they are so simple there is always a possibility they will clog or otherwise not work. The lack of certainty means that a toilet is always a crap chute.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

So what did you do over the weekend?

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