Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gun Rights

[outside today's gun fair at Tucson]

Everyone is acting like there was a connection between Arizona gun laws which give deranged people easy access to high powered rifles and the killings. There isn't. Guns don't kill people. They kill children, US District Judges, and bystanders. Which is quite a different thing.

The people of Tucson need their high-powered rifles. For hunting. The low deserts around Tucson are swarming with dangerous animals that need shooting. Such as lizards. And, and ... cactuses. Cactuses can be dangerous if one stumbles into them. One has to shoot in self-defense.

One wants to blame politicians for pandering to the gun-totin', rootin'-tootin' ignorami who are a decisive constituency in so many elections in places like Tucson. But no one wants to blame the public, because that would be contrary to 'vox populi vox dei' - the voice of the people is the voice of G_d. Speaking against that is speaking against democracy.

Well let me be the first to do that. Democracy stinks and should be abolished. It is contrary to the national interest. Democracy is rule by morons and slimeball crooks who by turns pander to the morons and fleece them.

Democracy is rule by people who think "Guns don't kill people" actually means something. Particularly in the wake of a mass-murder by a madman. Nuclear weapons don't kill people either. So let's give some to Al-Qaeda. Democracy means morons who can't afford health insurance voting out congressmen who support public health insurance because slimeball crooks told them it was socialism. Without it ever crossing their stupid little minds that the slimeball crooks are in the pay of the health insurance companies. Or the media bothering to mention it. Democracy means people with no more thought process than repeating the idiot political correctnesses of left and right get consulted on the domestic and foreign policies of a nation of 310 millions of people. Democracy means the rich evading paying taxes by telling morons that their not paying taxes has something to do with liberty. And getting away with it. Democracy means the rule of political machines based on corruption and patronage.

Democracy means rule by whomever shouts the loudest or repeats known falsities most often. Democracy means rule by and in the interests of whomever owns or pays the media corporations. Democracy means rule by the stupid and the wealthy.

The supposed constitutional tension between the democracy and the republic is actually a cooperation between the stupidity and vulgarity of a democracy and the corrupt selfishness of a republic. It is rule by television and lobbyists.



  1. It is official! You are crotchety old coot.

  2. Jasmin8:47 AM

    At last the dog speaks some sense. We ca only improve our wretched position & rid ourselves of greedy self serving Capitalist control through the rule of the great Allah.

  3. Cranky old fart applies, too.

  4. Although I do agree with him...does that make me a cranky old fart,too?

  5. I have joined the Duncan Steele Brigade?

  6. That's it! The Duncan Steele Memorial Harrumph.

  7. Jasmin1:05 PM

    Why won't you publish my comments. You resort to censorship when you are unable to respond to my points.

  8. Hi Jasmin,
    I don't publish stupid racist invective. Actually I don't publish smart racist invective either but there isn't any. That you imagine those are "points" shows what a genuinely primitive little troll Christie really is.