Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If everyone supports a two state solution, why isn't it happening?

If everyone supports a two state solution, why isn't it happening?

Nabil Sha'ath, the PA foreign minister, explains that the PA supports a Palestinian state for the Palestinian people, but will never agree to a Jewish state for the Jewish people.

Could that just possibly be the obstacle to peace, and not the settlements?



  1. Oh, I completely missed the message of this blog until I seen this and subsequently older suspect topics of conversation. I'll maintain my civility sir, but I have to strongly diverge from your persuasions. The building of settlements in absolutely unacceptable action and we know fine well why this isn't happening.

    Monday's approval for building 277 homes in a West Bank settlement, despite U.S. and international pressure to curb expansions on occupied land, proves this.

    They are trying to annex the West Bank in half and deprive the Palestinians of statehood. Sir, how can you justify this appalling act?


  2. The Palestinians are depriving themselves of statehood. The condition for them to have a state and territory is the same as it was in 1947 - they have to accept Israel and make peace with it.

    Until they accept a Jewish state there is no way in law or in reason that Israel should or will accept a Palestinian state.

    While the Palestinians refuse to accept Israel's right even to exist, why should Israel or anybody else care about their territorial claims?

    As to Israel building in the West Bank it is really quite simple. The longer Palestinians like Nabil Sha'ath stall and refuse to make peace, the less they will have left when peace eventually comes. If they stall and refuse long enough, they will have nothing.

    What would you advise them to do, Tony?