Sunday, November 13, 2011

Origin of the Self


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

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  2. Still making homophobic remarks, eh Christie? Why do you think that is? Why would homosexuality loom so large for you? Maybe the fact that you still live at home with your mom is not the only reason you never get laid? Or at least not by women.

  3. Anonymous5:04 AM

    This isn't Christie and its a very remark in this instance.

  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Hatred of Israel reaches new levels in Ireland: An outrageous anti-Israel display was held over the weekend on Dublin's main pedestrian street, presenting IDF soldiers as Nazi troops.

    As part of the display, sponsored by the Dublin City Council, a group of pro-Palestinian activists set up a model of the separation fence and an IDF roadblock.

    The activists dressed up as soldiers and beat, humiliated and pointed their weapons at other activists dressed as Palestinians, in front of thousands of Irish citizens and tourists.

    The display joins accusations voiced against Israel at the Irish parliament last week, on the backdrop of claims that Israel "kidnapped", abused and undressed Irish nationals who took part in a Gaza-bound flotilla stopped by the Israeli army recently.

    Israel has strongly denied the accusations.

    But that's not all. A Facebook group launched about two months ago called for heavy rocks to be thrown at the Israeli Embassy building in Dublin. Anti-Israel elements recently vandalized a Dublin auditorium slated to host a concert by Israeli singer Izhar Ashdot.

    The Facebook accounts of Israeli Embassy officials have been attacked by Irish hackers and, in addition, anti-Israeli elements are attempting to disrupt an Israeli film festival organized by the embassy in Dublin next week.

    "The Irish government is feeding its people with anti-Israel hatred," an Israeli official argued. "What we are seeing here is clear anti-Semitism."

    Foreign Ministry sources said Ireland had undoubtedly become the most hostile country to Israel in the European Union, "pushing all of Europe's countries to a radical and uncompromising approach."

    According to the sources, when Israeli Ambassador Boaz Modai arrived in Dublin, one of Ireland's leading newspapers greeted him with an article titled, "Welcome to hell."

    The officials voiced their concern that the pressures would lead to the cancelation of the Israeli film festival.

  5. Ireland is a country long motivated by religious hatreds - Orangemen vs. Fenians, Protestants vs. Catholics, IRA vs UDF, and so on. It is a nation of drunken haters. Ireland demonstrates the familiar truth that Jew-hatred is a symptom of dysfunction of a people as a nation and as individuals.

    It is a good teaching case. Ireland was a country living on borrowed money, enjoying a false prosperity, a fool's paradise. When it evaporated, the Irish had only themselves to blame. Since they are too small, petty, and dishonest to take responsibility, they blame the Jews instead.

  6. Ben Ali4:15 AM

    In my country there is problem,
    And that problem is transport.
    It take very very long,
    Because Kazakhstan is big.

    Throw transport down the well,
    So my country can be free.
    We must make travel easy,
    Then we have big party!

    In my country there is problem,
    And that problem is the Jew.
    They take everybody's money,
    They never give it back.

    Throw the Jew down the well,
    So my country can be free.
    You must grab him by his horns,
    Then we have big party.

    If you see the Jew coming,
    You must be careful of his teeth.
    You must grab him by his money,
    And I tell you what to do...


    Throw the Jew down the well
    So my country can be free
    You must grab him by his horns
    Then we have big party

    Throw the Jew down the well
    So my country can be free
    You must grab him by his horns
    Then we have big party!

  7. Damien5:45 AM

    I actually attended this demonstration, we organised it to coincide with the Occupy march. So far from being racist, the people found it humourous but with a serious point. It is not acceptable, to us as Irish, or the international community for Israel to continue to persecute and deprive Palestinians, we condemn the Knesset and its supporters for their war crimes. Here's some nice photos I took of the event:

    Harmless fun but a serious tone!

    That article was a completely hysterical reacton to a creative protest on halloween against Israel. The protest raised awareness and was a complete success.

    The Israelis are scumbags, simple. They deserve to know that when they behave like animals they should be boycotted & exposed, that is our objective. Its not an anti-semitic movement, it is an anti-zionist movement which only protests the actions of the Israeli government.

    Interesting fact about a former Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir which sums up the Israeli ruling class. While fighting the British in Palestine during WWII, he approached the nazis in an effort to procure arms and support to fight the British. Can you imagine this man knowing full well that his own kind were been burnt to a crisp, asking the Nazis for military support.....explains a lot about the bastards.

  8. I can answer you both together because Damien is merely saying the same thing as Ben Ali only the latter is too much of a moron to deny his racism. Whereas politically-correct Damien pretends that it is just an amazing coincidence that Europeans with a long history of Jew hatred should have an irrational and groundless hatred of the Jewish state.

    The advantage Ben Ali has over Damien is that Ben Ali doesn't add insult to injury by denying his racism as well as practicing it.

    Did anyone at your demonstration mention the Hamas bombardment of southern Israeli civilian areas? No? Surely just an oversight. Did anyone at your demonstration mention the Hezbollah bombardment of Haifa and the rest of Galilee? No? Surely just an oversight. Did anyone at your demonstration mention that every time there has been a peace negotiation the Palestinians have walked out when they were offered what they said they wanted? No? Surely just an oversight.

    You and your leftist friends just seem to have decided to go into the streets against the Jewish state at the very moment when your economy is imploding because of your national irresponsibility in managing it and living on debt. Surely just a coincidence. It is too much to call on you and your fellow leftists to grow up. You have shown by your demonstration that the Irish are what everyone says you are - a race of drunken children.

  9. It is a mark of Irish cowardice that while a sixth of your own country is under foreign occupation you should complain about a small country far away.

    In our country a double yellow stripe means "no passing". In Ireland a double yellow stripe means "one stream of yellow down the leg" meaning, "I am drunk again", and another down the back meaning, "I haven't the balls to drive the British out of Ireland."

  10. Ben Ali, Australia and Canada are both larger than Kazakhstan and both have smaller populations than Kazakhstan. Yet both are prosperous democratic societies. So maybe transport is not your country's problem.

    Maybe the reason your country is poor and backward is that you and your fellow Kazakhs are ignorant backward people? Kazakhstan will always be poor and backward, and you deserve it.

  11. I heard that Medvedev gave Kazakhstan to Putin as a birthday present. They Kazakhs are so stupid they don't even know who owns their country.

  12. Damien7:04 AM

    Jack, you love to play the victim. And its very rich to call me racist when you make remarks about drunk Irish. Its a bit pathetic, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you're incapable of stringing two sentences together without contradicting yourself. How Jack?

  13. Damien, let me see, if I understand what you're saying. You just came back from a public rally in your country calling for the destruction of Israel and the massacre of its people. In the same breath you whine about being mocked for your drunkenness. In what universe does that qualify you as a rational adult?

  14. Damien, I have reconsidered. It was not fair for me to mock you and your countrymen for being sots.

    What's fair is symmetry. So I will reply in exactly the same voice as you have spoken.

    Destroy Ireland! Kill the Irish! End Irish war crimes! Murder every last person in Ireland! End Irish war crimes! End Irish apartheid! Return the ruins of Ireland to the Orangemen! End Irish apartheid! End Irish oppression of starving Protestant babies! Irish murderers! Stop Irish discrimination against 190 million Bangladeshis who want to live there! Death to the Irish! Kill Damien and his family and friends! End Irish racism! Kill them in the streets! End Irish apartheid! Free all the counties of Ireland from Irish oppression! Independene for Ulster! All of Ireland is Ulster! Bombard Dublin with rockets! Kick Ireland out of the UN! Aim primarily at schools! Irish have no right to a national state! Return Ireland to British rule! Crush Irish nationalist racists! Ireland has no right to country by and for Irishmen only - end Irish racist domination of Ireland!

    But you're not drunks.

    Now that is fair and equal. But let's be clear, I am NOT anti-Irish. I just think you are not entitled to a country, that you are guilty of war crimes because I say so. I am not anti-Irish, I just object to your oppression of Unionists who used to rule Ireland and therefore should rule it now and forever. I object to your racism in keeping 190 million Bangladeshis in poverty by excluding them from Ireland. I am not anti-Irish, I just want Ireland destroyed.

    But you're not drunks.

  15. Damien12:59 AM

    Hold up Jack, now you are taking words out of my mouth and going off on another one of your silly rants. Wind your neck in and think for a second, you deluded cretin.

    Our protest never sought the destruction of Israel and massacre of its people, not once. So your last two posts are, like everything else you write, a complete irrelevance.

  16. OK, Damien, you're right. I stand corrected. I take it back. Irishmen are drunks.

    But seriously, you are exactly right. I am taking words out of your mouth. And quoting them back to you, with "Ireland" substituted for "Israel". And you find them preposterous. As well you should.

    Your protests, and protests like them, have as their sole purpose delegitimization, demonization, and justifying Arab aggression. Those are the political side of the endless Arab xenophobic war against the Jewish state. Your narrative persistently, and as its main purpose, condemns Israeli self-defense as war crimes.

    Notice how the war crimes are never specified? And when they are they are always ridiculous, like the humiliations of having to stand in line to have their ID's checked. As though one didn't have to stand in line in a bank, at a bus stop, at a grocery store.

    Or they omit to mention the Arab attack on Israeli civilians that preceded the "war crime".

    Of course you didn't notice. The reason you didn't notice, Damien, is that when it comes to leftist propaganda against the Jewish state, the very first thing you do is turn off whatever slight capacity for critical thinking you might have.

    And what exactly was wrong with the analogy? I advocate the destruction of Ireland and the massacre of everybody in the country. I deny the legitimacy of your government and your institutions. I condemn anything and everything Ireland has ever done including humanitarian aid missions to earthquake victims in Haiti and Turkey. I characterize everything the Irish have ever done as vile and done for corrupt motives. I demand the rule of your country by hostile neighbors.

    But I deny being anti-Irish. You believed what you heard at your protests, didn't you? So why won't you believe me when I make exactly the same claims?

    Your inability to think critically is the radical and exact definition of bigotry and partiality. When it comes to Palestinian and leftist demonization of Israel, you check your critical thinking at the door.

  17. Damien2:13 AM

    But Jack, you are missing the point again. I never once called for the mass murder or destruction of Israel. When I say war crimes, I am referring to the drones Israel has used in the past, which have targeted children. I refer to the crimes carried out during their 23 day operations in Gaza such as targetting paramedics, the indiscriminate bombing of civilian buildings, the blockade placed on Gaza, the shooting of peace activists who try to draw attention to this blockade, the list goes on for ever. Ireland has committed no such war crimes.

    Without these internationally recognised Israeli war crimes, there would be no Hamas and there may even be a chance of peace if Israel also stopped illegally building settlements and accepted the 1967 borders.

    Here's an interesting article about the borders while we watch Israeli govenment pigs continue to dissect and carve up Palestinian lands:

    This is not anti-semitic, it is anti-zionist and all the atrocities carried out under its nationalist agenda. Its horrific and I will make no apologies for protesting against it to whoever is stupid enough to try and defend it. We will continue to raise awareness and continue to protest. Your argument loses all legitimacy (not that it ever had any) when you play the anti-semitism card. Grow up and get real Jack.

    You sound like a babbling idiot when you rant about Irish drunks, then call me racist. You've lost all credibility as a human being, better you weren't born.

  18. Damien2:24 AM

    Also Jack, you are one serious idiot getting wound up by that Ben Ali character responding with slags against Kazakhstan. I am no Einstein and I don't know who Ben Ali really is but for somebody that posts a song from a comdedy film (ironically written by a Jew) and posts it as an ousted Tunisian dictator, I'm gonna go out on a whim and suggest that maybe, just maybe, its a troll that doesn't deserve a posting never mind a response. You really aren't the brightest man in the world Jack. *tut tut*

  19. Damien, that is precisely what I meant by abdicating your slight capacity for critical thinking.

    Do you by any chance remember why Israel undertook Cast Lead? Is there any chance at all your remember what preceded it? Do you remember the bombardment of Israeli towns that went on for months before Cast Lead? Of course you don't. Why don't you remember that Damien?

    Do you remember that after Cast Lead the bombardment of Israeli towns largely stopped?

    Do you remember the films of the "peace activists" on the Marmara attacking the soldiers with steel pipes and knives before the Israeli boarding party defended themselves? Do you remember the films of the armory of pipes and knives taken off the Marmara? Of course you don't. That would require that you not fairly weigh evidence.

    If you aren't the bigot you sound like then you are willingly manipulated gull. Which may be worse.

    Ireland has committed no war crimes? Really? Here you show how selective the memory of the bigot is. Three letters - IRA. Most of the terrorist techniques used by the PLO were taught to them by IRA trainers. Crowded pubs bombed in the UK. Bombing in several other countries, not to mention endless organized violence within Ireland.

    You are either stupid or insolent for making such a remark.

    I am very close to having nothing much more to say to you after that idiocy.

    Your remark about Hamas being a product of Israeli actions would be true except that Hamas is a chapter of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was formed in Cairo in 1922, twenty six years before there was an Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood has grown to where it is expected to win at least a plurality of votes in the Egyptian elections next week. Which of course is Israel's fault too, isn't it?

    The Israelis, whether you believe them or not, say they go to great effort to avoid harming non-combatants. Hamas brags loudly and openly about harming as many non-combatants as they can. They flaunt it.

    Yet you believe the opposite of what each side says, though you have no first hand information whatever. Why is that Damien?

    You refer to the Israelis as pigs. That statement stands for itself.

    A lot of this is questions that I would like you to answer. If you are unwilling to answer questions, then you are not attempting dialogue, you are simply regurgitating venomous propaganda. If that is the best you can do, then you have nothing to say and are no longer worth reading.

  20. Damien, if you want to be heard to claim Jewish nationalism is objectionable per se, then first dismantle your government and restore your country to English. The prerequisite to complaining of someone else's nationalism is to first forego your own.

    After two thousand years of persistent European, including Irish, anti-Semitism, you expect me to believe your denials. Why should I?

    For someone who is sensitive about racism on account of being called a drunk, try on being called a war criminal. I suggest you compare the two charges and get back to me when you figure out the difference.

  21. Damien2:14 PM

    Jack, during operation Cast Lead, hideous war crimes were committed. This is a fact, what preceded did not justify the tactics employed by the IDF. They had a right to attack Hamas terrorists, I don't disagree with that for a second. They did not have a right to commit the war crimes which I've already detailed and which I won't repeat again.

    Pigs? Are you jumping the gun again to play the antisemitism card. What did I tell you, you loose all credibility when you do that. Jack I said government pigs, reread you complete illiterate. Likewise, I referred to the actions of the Israeli government when I talked about war crimes, I never called you a war criminal, you are simply just an idiot, I'll call you that. I never said Jewish war crimes either did I.

    And you are fully entitled to criticize the IRA. I've had family put to gun point by said organisation, so I couldn't agree with you more. Coming from a border county, I know full well what the IRA are like, they are no better than Hamas, nasty lowlife terrorists. I won't shoot Catholic children dead over IRA terrorists attacks because then I would be no better than an animal. And animals is exactly what the IDF combatants who targeted Palestinian children are. Or the guy who ran over Rachel Corrie etc. etc.

    Also Jack, I am not a fan of Irish nationalism either. See, I have consistency Jack, you don't. You just ramble on taking words out of my mouth that aren't there because you don't have a leg to stand on. You're argument is baseless and grounded on racism and an unnatural Zionist drive which lets hate take over.

    Jack, you have no argument. You are a racist fool.

  22. Damien, from whom did you learn about these war crimes? Where is the evidence?

    From whom did you learn about the deliberate targeting of Arab children? Where is the evidence?

    You admit that Israel had to suppress Hamas bombardment of their towns, that Hamas started the war. But there is no suggestion from you that the Hamas leadership are war criminals. Nor that they are swine. Why is that, Damien?

    Nor did you answer the question about why I should believe your denials of anti-Semitism while you vilify the Jewish side and are silent about the side that you admit started the war by bombarding Israeli towns. Why are you silent about that Damien? Why was no word condemning Hamas mentioned at your demonstrations?

    These are not rhetorical questions. Evasions or changing the subject are clearly admissions of racism.

    Where is your answer to the question about one side strenuously denying accusations of attacking civilians and the other flaunting that they do it? What argument can you give for disbelieving them both?

    Your denial of nationalism is an empty noise. You wouldn't accept return to English rule any more than we would. In England you would be a second class citizen. In Ireland you are a first class citizen. We both know that. Accepting the benefits of Irish independence while disparaging it is mere hypocrisy, no?

    Do you imagine that the Palestinian cause is not a nationalist movement? Why are you silent about that Damien? Why is it only Jewish nationalism that you object to?

    Question set two: What exactly do you know about the exigencies and tactics of invading intensely hostile, densely populated areas with infantry?

    The question here is to ascertain whether you actually have any information pertinent to what you claim to base your argument on, that Cast Lead should have been done differently.

    You claim you have no argument and that you do. Show me the basis of your claims.

  23. Erratum: Accepting the benefits of Irish independence while disparaging it is not hypocrisy. It is ingratitude.

  24. Erratum: You claim that I have no argument....