Saturday, November 12, 2011

What the Founding Fathers Have to Say to Modern America

[Patrick Henry's landed estate was in Henry County, Virginia.  I too was 
raised in a county named for my family, PoorAssJews County, California.] 

He was on of those who wrote the US Constitution and represented, not the people, though they often claimed to (politicians were hypocritical liars then too), but country gentlemen like the Virginia aristocracy, i.e themselves.

The liberal democrats like Henry and Jefferson wanted a weak central government run by Southern aristocrats which would not be able to impose direct taxes and most of all not be able to interfere with slavery.  A government composed of people like, say, Jefferson and his class.

The Federalists, led by Hamilton and the New Englanders and New Yorkers, wanted a strong central government that could create a positive business climate for commerce and banking. It was mere coincidence that they and their friends were engaged in commerce and banking.  They wanted to impose taxes to pay for infrastructure like the Erie Canal, turnpikes, harbors, and suppression of the Indians. They wanted a strong government to limit and eventually suppress the slave trade.

Now we have come to an era when everybody quotes one Founding Father or another for some principle or another as though the Founders were unified and agreed on anything. They agreed on absolutely nothing. They only reason they were able to stick together at all was the personal prestige and leadership of George Washington. Without Washington they would have been defeated, the British army would have rounded them all up and hung them, just as Franklin predicted.

In modern times the libertarians call on the Constitution to give freedom to business against the interest of the common people.  Completely wrongheaded and false.  Similarly, the liberals call on the Constitution for a strong government to regulate business.  Equally wrong.  The fact is that the situation of American business and banking is now so far from when it was just getting started in the near-wilderness of 1787 that the comparison is meaningless.  American business and banking are a colossus that bestrides the world.  Slavery has been gone for a century and a half and the slave trade even longer. So the reasons for wanting a strong or a weak government in 1787 are meaningless today.

Which means, to me at least, that quoting the Founders for this purpose or that is doubly meaningless. They were all over the map on every issue and fought bitterly over every word and phrase in the constitution.  Patrick Henry, who did as much as anyone to get the Revolution underway, "smelt a rat" and refused to even attend the Constitutional Convention. On the other side of the question, it is meaningless to try and figure out what Jefferson or Adams would have thought of tapping cellphones or abortion or racial equality.  Those things would be inconceivable to them.  So I think we have to look to how we the living want to govern our country and not worry too much about what the Founders would have thought about the issues that divide us. The real fact is that they would not have thought anything at all.  They couldn't have.


  1. Mustafa Jalil2:42 PM

    I suppose real question is what role jews played in slavery and why they make money from slavery?

  2. Actually, Jews played no role in slavery. The West African slave trade was a legal monopoly of the Dutch West India Company and of the British West Indies company. No Jews were allowed. Those were both ended by visits from the US navy under Admiral Farragut acting on orders from President Lincoln. That is why African-Americans have names of their slavemasters - like Shabazz, Rashad, and Muhammad, and not names like Einstein, Feynman, or Perlmutter.

    In eastern Africa, the slave trade was conducted by Arab slavers and has never yet been fully suppressed. There are slaves to this day in Arab countries, particularly Sudan. But then again you Arabs don't like to talk about that, do you Mustafa?

    I suggest that the reason that Arabs like to make stupid and groundless charges like these is that you Arabs have so much to be ashamed of.

  3. Mustafa Jalil11:55 AM

    yes but mr kessler it is clear jews made great deal of money from landowners american south through their ownership of banking system and print media which allowed them to profit form the sins of others. it obvious that jew be very wealthy from this.

  4. That is an interesting point Mustafa. But records show that it was Arabs and Turks who controlled the banking systems and print media during the time of slavery. It was the Arabs and Turks who made so much money from slavery.

    Arabs still practice slavery both in Africa and their own countries. You have a lot to be ashamed of Mustafa.

  5. Mustafa Jalil1:51 PM

    i am ashamed of muslim who own slave but it because of jew and jew greed that this occur. jew money is ripe in africa and muslims have no choice but to own slave, this another example of jew mind control.

  6. Hi Mustafa,
    Now do you see why we in the West have no respect for Muslims? When your excuse for your own crimes is to blame someone else, how can we consider you to be adults? Not only do you act like children in blaming someone else, but you act very stupid children in making up a stupid and obviously false fantasy as your excuse.

    When Muslims start to take responsibility for your own actions you can be considered adults but not before. So far you and your fellow Muslims have shown very little evidence of the maturity of people we can consider equals.

  7. Hi Mustafa,
    Just a little vignette to help you understand. In our country, when a person is in court for committing a crime, if he points to someone else and says, "He made me do it.", if he can prove it, we put them both in jail. Because adults are responsible for their actions. Muslims like you are too childish to understand that. Which is why no one respects you.

  8. Mustafa Jalil12:09 PM

    but any muslim who own slave is by definition non islam. he must be coerced by jew as jew stand to profit by slavery. islam states that muslim who turn back on the propeht is to be killed, it is in our religion, and since anyone who claims to be muslim and own slave is by definition not muslim how can we be slaveowners? as i have already said those muslim who are slave owner are really jew it is part of jew propaganda protocol of learned elders of zion. you should read it an eye opening book

  9. Thank you, Mustafa. Please keep writing comments on my blog. The world needs to hear from you loud and often.

    Please try especially to convince my Irish friends Damien and Christy that your motives for hating Israel are honorable and not racist. Please explain that to them. They need to learn from your example. Thank you very much for writing.

    I hope you will read and comment on my blog frequently. My Christian friends really need to frequently be shown by your example that your hatred of Israel has nothing to do with hating Jews, just as theirs doesn't.

    They need you to show them that the campaign against Israel has nothing whatever to do with Jew-hatred. Just as yours doesn't.

  10. Mustafa Jalil3:05 PM

    have you read book recommended it is quite a read. i do not hate israel many of my friends are learned jews but i still tell them that i think jew is slippery character they laugh and say 'oh jalil, you so funny' but i know secretly when i leave room they count their money and plot to steal my goats typical jew only think of money some of my best friends are jews.

  11. Mustafa, go be a troll somewhere else. You aren't any good at it and you're boring me.