Monday, December 19, 2011

Ding Dong Kim is dead

Which old Kim, the wicked Kim!

An easy 31 points. Add that to the 21 for Liz and the 44 for Steve and it makes 96 for the year, a new record. And there are still 12 more day left in the year. Come on Michael and Kirk, Ruth and Mohammed.


  1. The man is on a roll. Dead Pool history being made before our very eyes.

  2. Jasmin2:44 AM

    You disgusting people. Celebrating the death of the Dear Leader. A new era is in the making for North Korea, the mourning people will emerge stronger than ever in the face of Western imperialism and aggression. Long live the glorious Dear Leader. Israel is on its death bed. I genuinely empathise with the North Korean people here. You folk are so braindead in a sea of Western propaganda that you have no clue what such an event means in a Confucian culture, no ability to think outside the box as always.

  3. Jasmin as usual goes on her pointless rant without knowing what she was talking about. She is such an ignoramus that she does not know that North Korea is Communist, and that Confucianism is not only not practiced there, it is not tolerated.

    I love Jasmin because she so consistently demonstrates what hysterical ignorant hate-filled morons Muslim Jew-haters are. There is not enough money in the world to buy such effective anti-Muslim propaganda as Jasmin provides free.

    The Dead Pool is an attempt to guess who will die during the coming year from among public figures whose deaths will be reported in the news media.

    Each player makes a list of ten candidate stiffs at the beginning of the year. One gets points for each one on one's list who croaks during the year. The number of points is 100 minus the corpse's age.

    I had Amy Winehouse last year but forgot to include her this year. If I had remembered I coulda been a contender.

    Anyone who wants to play can send me their list as a comment and I will post it on this blog.

  4. Whoever has mis-used my name is no doubt bent.

  5. I hate to burst your bubble--not true, I think I actually enjoy it--but if you check your post of January 04, 2010 you will see that it was me, and not you, who had Amy Winehouse last year. In fact, all of your selection from last year and this are doing quite nicely and are in fine fettle. It appears that being listed by you is a guarantee of long life.

  6. Jasmin3:50 AM

    Confucianism explains the embedded culture of worship both north and south of the border in Korea. Culture of worship for the personality in the North. And culture of worship for materialism in the South. Don't call me a fool you disrespectful withering old Yid.
    I will do the deathlist next year though, it'll read more akin to a wishlist but it will enter nonetheless.

  7. Buy some Hennessy to help make up for their devastating loss of business.

  8. Jasmin is quite right about Confucianism and the cult of personality. Look at Russia and Stalin, Germany and Hitler, Argentina and Eva Peron, Italy and Mussolini, Turkey and Ataturk -- all Confucian countries.

  9. Al-Shabab Al Wassabi2:23 PM

    Yes but look at ultra orthodox jew in Israel, they have cult of personality too and they persecute Muslim as they cannot tolerate others, they break international treaties because they are treacherous. I agree, international jewry is a universal evil that must be controlled and contained, like an infection in global geopolitics.

  10. Al-Wassabi, who is some idiot troll, cannot think of anything cleverer than taking the pseudonym of Japanese mustard. He also proves that Muslims and leftists who claim they are only anti-Israel not racist Jew-haters, are liars. Anti-Israelism is racist hatred covered by the fig leaf of a lying denial.

    The next time you hear of some leftist or Arab saying he has nothing against Jews only Israel, remember the racist troll Al-Wassabi. He is not an Arab but he is a racist. All anti-Israel agitation is fundamentally racist, and the proof is the anti-Israel agitators themselves.

  11. Jasmin5:09 AM

    No one in the UK cares about North Korea. The country is not a threat to the civilised world.

    Results of a new poll commissioned by the European Commission show that Israel is believed by Europeans in 15 countries to be the greatest threat to world peace, greater than North Korea. Israel commits genocide and is a terrorist-state. Israel begs for war with Iran and other muslim countries. The U.S. and Israel are now looking for ways to justify attacking Iran.

    The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is preparing to launch another major military offensive against Gaza, according to the IDF’s chief of staff.

    More rockets are fired from Gaza as Israel prepares for another bloody incursion into Palestinian territory. Are they being fired by Mossad operatives to justify another Israeli incursion into Gaza?

  12. Supposing for a moment that no one in the UK does care about North Korea, doesn't that just prove that the UK public, with their crude, addled, and corrupt press and media, are ignorant and misinformed. And to the extent that the UK government doesn't care, doesn't that show how much the UK has abdicated any role in the world beyond its own shores?

    The lumpen media consumers of the UK may not care about North Korea, but South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and the US are all deeply involved in the six-party negotiations to restrain North Korea from nuclear proliferation to even more criminal and irrational regimes. By the way, "criminal and irrational" is international code for Islamists.

    As far as the rest of it goes, if it is true that Europeans think ill of Israel, that just shows that they are the same ignorant manipulable anti-Semites as the British. Hardly news.

    And as for your charges of genocide, isn't it odd that the millions of Palestinians killed are not missing and that Palestinian populations continue to multiply like rabbits and have increased by their own reckoning from 800,000 sixty years ago to almost 7 million today? Jasmin, just between us, doesn't it bother you that your case against Israel is knowing and intentional lies? Doesn't it bother you that you personally are a liar for repeating it? What do you see when you look in the mirror knowing that you are a deliberate liar?

    I assume you have copies of the emails which the US administration and the Israeli cabinet sent you telling you about their strategic war plans? And the IDF told you and you alone about their intentions toward Iran?

    You, Jasmin, you claim that the Mossad has snuck into Gaza and they are shooting rockets at Israel. You claim this at the same time that Hamas openly brags that they are the ones shooting the rockets. I think that if you believe this you are a complete moron.

    Just as you can read minds, Jasmin, so can I. Just as you know the intentions of the IDF, I know your intentions. I think that your crisis of knowing that you are openly and deliberately a liar and not even a good one, that you will either die of shame, or kill yourself in a fit of conscience.