Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mechanical Dog

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Imagine this thing self-contained, with cameras and remote control, and armed with missiles, guns, or poison gas.  And you have the soldier of the future.  This is a prototype of a ground drone.  Paid for by the same folks who actually did invent the internet - DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).  Coming to a battlefield near you.

When these things are mass-produced and cheap, the dogface of yore will be replaced by actual imperialist running dogs.  When boots-on-the-ground are no longer needed or wanted for warfare, the advantage of high-tech powers over low-tech ones will be complete.  Once these things are ready for rollout they will be easy to miniaturize.  A rat-sized one could go almost anywhere and be able to shoot a poison dart or a high-powered small caliber pistol.

Locked doors and windows?  No problem.  Every house has a 4" pipe connecting its toilet to the outside world.  Robot goes up drain pipe from main sewer, waits until sensor shows terrorist is on the crapper, then literally pops a cap in his ass.


  1. jasmin4:30 AM

    Israeli gangsters will be deploying them in no time, you complete dog

  2. My compliments to Jasmin. You are exactly right. No more Gilad Shalits to kidnap. Now when you call Jews "dogs" you are going to be right - but they will be mechanical dogs armed with high rate-of-fire rifles, rockets, stun guns, tear gas, and a bunch of other mob dispersal devices.

    Asymmetrical warfare has just gotten a lot more symmetrical. Now the racist buttheads can get away with throwing rocks at Israelis because all they have is tanks and airplanes. Soon the little prick will discover that a little remote controlled device behind him with shoot him in the ass with a dart that will sting horribly for three days but cause no permanent harm. His friends will discover that the device is armed with a hundred such darts when they try to rescue him. None of them will throw rocks at Israelis ever again.