Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reuters Fauxtography

[I apologize for the gruesome image, but the photo itself has become a news event]

This picture is currently being circulated by the Palestinian group Al-Awda as evidence of Israeli troops having killed a little Arab girl in Gaza in the fighting over the weekend. 

The fact is that the picture was taken in 2006, not this past weekend.  The little girl's parents themselves said she was injured in an accident in Gaza, not in fighting between the IDF and Hamas.  She was treated gratis at an Israeli hospital.

Reuters, which ran the picture in 2006 with a caption claiming the girl was injured by the IDF, was forced to retract and apologize..

The Palestinians are not only bigots and aggressors, they are also liars.



  1. Jasmin1:22 PM

    WHy Jack, WHY???? I really don't understand how you can believe these horrible nasty things, WHY? Please tell me this sickness is a one long winded joke? If not, you have no human cell in your body

  2. Jasmin, to address you as though you weren't a pointless troll, your problem is denial. You, or at least people who think the things you pretend to think, are simultaneously self-righteous unto violence, and completely in the wrong. The moment the Palestinians and their supporters actually want peace there will be peace. You can only maintain your endless grudge so long as you don't admit it is based on racism and lies, large lies about the source and nature of the conflict, and small lies like lying about the picture circulated by Al-Awda.