Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Muslims Deserve Our Respect

[Libyans expressing their respect for the WWII Australian war dead]

Here we see the results of the Arab Spring.  One can hear several of them saying 'Allahu Akbar'.


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I call it Arab NIGHTMARE!

  2. Christy3:29 PM

    If you weren't such an unreasonable crank about Israel and Muslims, you might be a more interesting person. Because, to be honest, you sound and look like a really lonely crank, typing furiously into a keyboard seemingly unaware that nobody values your opinion (Which is a pity, because you are insightful about other things - but once Israel or Muslims are mentioned, you become completely irrational)

    Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  3. I posted a video of Muslims dishonoring the Australian war dead, and Christy took away from that that I am a crank for thinking that was not a good thing to do? Maybe the problem is that Christy and people like him are so obsessively politically correct that criticizing Muslims for doing things well-deserving of criticism is somehow wrong to them. If the video had been of Christians or Jews destroying a Muslim cemetery does anyone honestly doubt for a moment that Christy and every other obsessively politically correct person of his ilk would have been flying-spittle hysterical in their condemnation?

    Why the difference Christy? Could it be that the reason you call others irrational about Muslims is that whatever faded moribund dust-covered mote of rationality you have left recognizes that it is you and your fellow Leftist anti-Semites who are irrational bigots? You have to project your irrationality onto others because you are still just sane enough to be ashamed of yourself and your anti-Semitism. But you have neither the honesty to admit it nor the character to abjure it.

  4. Christy9:30 AM

    God you are such a crank.

    I am not anti semitic.

    I am not a leftist (At least not the kind you are alluding to) - I've never attended a protest rally for example. I'm quite apathetic really.

    You cannot use these silly hypothetical's - by their very nature unprovable - as examples of my supposed anti-semitism.

    You're a crank as it fills an empty void in your life, possibly something to do with how you manage to alienate anyone who has ever shown an interest in you.

    Thought I'd slip in that little bit of psycho analysis at the end there.

  5. Stupid humans are just Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul.

  6. Christy, it is not that I am crank so much as that you have selective memory of all the anti-Semitic, racist, remarks you have made about Israel and the Jews over the years. You always go into denial mode when you are caught, as above. EVERY anti-Semite, even the ayatollahs, vociferously denies being an anti-Semite. There are reams of evidence right here on this blog demonstrating your anti-Semitism. You are convicted out of your own mouth. At upper right is an index that gives access to past years and past months of this blog. And to your comments. It is right there. That you believe your denials means that like other racists, you can only persist in your beliefs only so long as you lie to yourself and others about what they are.

  7. Christy1:02 PM

    The funny thing is that I have said nothing anti semitic. I have made some anti-zionist remarks, but then again so have many Jews - does that make them anti semitic? To criticise some of the policies of the state of Israel is not anti semitic. To be an American and to criticise some American policies does not make you unpatriotic, does it? For me to criticise some the policies of the Chinese government does not make me anti Chinese. Your logic is dystopian. You are a doctrinaire extremist who cannot tolerate any kind of dissent.

    I waded on here to point out to you how boring you are when you go on one of your anti muslim rants, when you arbitrarily select some random youtube video in order to claim some racist point that extrapolates one unrelated event to an entire religion of people. It makes you look like a boorish crank with an axe to grind. I think you should read some of those novels you display so ostentatiously in your room. A little fiction might bring about some introspective self doubt, and temper the intensely paranoid and extreme political righteousness you constantly display.

    I'm betting this is going to be censored in some way.