Thursday, August 09, 2012

More Zionist Plots

[Egyptian fntelligence forces in action (don't tell me you're so old you know who these bozos are)]

According to an article in today's Wall Street Journal the President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, fired his Chief of Intelligence, Murad Muwafi, today.   It seems that "Islamic militants", newspaperese for Hamas terrorists, murdered 16 Egyptian policemen in Sinai near Egypt's border with Israel while the Egyptian border police did nothing to prevent it or even to defend themselves because no one had told them the attack was coming  

The IDF, the Israel Defense Force, had warned the Egyptian intelligence ministry  well in advance that the attack was coming. Intelligence Chief Murad Muwafi decided to do nothing about the warning both because it came from Israel and because he was sure that "no Muslim would harm a fellow Muslim during Ramadan."   In spite of his title and office, apparently Muwafi was not strong on intelligence.

Which creates a lovely situation in Egypt.  President Morsi is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood which is devoted to worsening relations with Israel as much as they can short of abrogating the Camp David peace treaty.  Abrogating the treaty would cost Egypt its annual $1.2 billion aid package from the US so Morsi's policy has been to come as close to breaching the treaty as possible short of the US government cutting off aid.

Now President Morsi is in the position of having had 16 of his policemen massacred by their fellow Muslims in spite of the best efforts of the Zionist enemy to save them.  And massacred because of the incompetence of his government.  And the particular form of the incompetence was in distrusting the Jews and trusting Muslims instead.  

And it is all public knowledge because of the internet and cellphone connectivity among the Egyptian public which is what put Morsi into power in the first place.  It is graceless to gloat over Morsi's discomfiture, but that is just the sort of schmuck I am.

I think the whole episode has to have shown President Morsi, with life and death concreteness, the value of the peace treaty with Israel.  The education of President Morsi may have come at the cost of 16 Egyptian lives, but it bodes well for the prospects of continued peace between Israel and Egypt under the new regime.


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